Rogers on Demand...

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    Rogers on Demand for free without Roger Customer and without pay bill. You can watch tv with in rogers on demand. Its free.

    Xbox 360 app: 20 channel without roger customer

    Xbox 360 app: 50 channel within roger customer

    Pc app: 50 channel without roger customer

    Pc app: 100 channel within roger customer

    without roger customer is locked sub and premium.

    within roger customer is unlocked sub and premium. (with internet cable from roger box to tv.)

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    It isn't even available to ALL Rogers customers... ONLY to those that have direct billing accounts with them.


    I live in a Co-op & am REQUIRED to pay a monthly fee for Rogers cable (note to self: raise issue at GMM as this should be optional expense) because the Co-op negotiated a long term inclusive contract. I do not at the moment have any additional services with Rogers (ie. no set-top boxes) & therefore don't have a direct billing account with them for anything over/above what is included in the Co-op's MDU cable contract that the co-op collects & remits for my monthly Rogers cable payment.


    The end result: I don't qualify to be a ROD full paying customer because I can't link a billing account to my ROD account that I setup only to be able to use the ROD App on my 360. Without it, the 360 App is nothing but a Rogers AD Tile as it refused to let me do anything with the SUPPOSEDLY FREE ROD content!


    I agree also with those that say that MS should be giving US the option to decide which APP tiles are displayed on our consoles (ie. I'd kill ROD in a heartbeat now & FaceBook because I don't use that either)!

    Spelling mistakes? Take off ya hoser... those are due to my brain working faster than my fingers can type!