Internet shut down from IP taken from joining XBox live party chat.

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    A couple nights ago (Jan. 6 2012) our internet was shut down for 2 hrs. This was the result of my son being ask to join a XBOX Live party and a person in the party used our IP address to shut our internet down.  I am not sure how this was accomplished but they also admitted that they had initiated this. His name is [MOD EDIT] and his gamer tag is [MOD EDIT]. Is there something that can be done about this person?

    Apparently this person has done this to other people as well and he thinks it is quite humourous.

    We had to reset all our computers wireless internet adapters and change our IP address.

    This is of great concern for us as well as other XBOX users and we look forward to hear from you soon.

    Thank You.

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    Ok, first off you can't call out other gamertags on the forums here.  Use the dashboard reporting tools to report him.  Go to his bio and select File Complaint and follow the directions listed.

    Second, you were the victim of a DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) attack.  You can contact your internet service provider and ask them to change your ip address so this person can't do this again. 

    Third, DDoS attacks are illegal in most countries.  You can contact your local law enforcement agencies and report the gamertag to them.  They will investigate (they can subpeona you ip stats from your internet provider to see if the attack came and where it came from) and take care of it.  (won't the person be surprised to see the police at his door to arrest him).

    Finally, if you are attacked again in the future unplug your modem to force a restart cycle.  That should temporarily reset the ip so you can get back online.

    Good luck. 

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    ^What he said. Took the words out of my mouth. DDOS attacks are highly illegal.

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    Thank you for the information,  I really appreciate it!

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    If you recieve another message or invite from him, select "Block Communications" when you open it. That is how they extract your information in the first place. Also, if your Network is faster than the attackers, they will be shutdown instead of you, just a side note. Best of Luck my friend.

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    Will do! Thank you!

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    ^ onyx is the answerman rofl i see him everywhere :D Gl btw hope you get internet back.


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    There's no way to really stop it, but, if you're IP is changed then you're safe from him.

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    If it happens again, call your ISP and request an IP change or do it yourself.

    Don't bother reporting the DDOS attack to any law enforcement establishment, as they're not going to care. Seriously, they won't even bat an eye.

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    Simply don't accept any party invites from shady characters you don't know.

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    find out how to do it and hack the ^%&*@%$ back

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    find out how to do it and hack the ^%&*@%$ back

    That will likely get him banned and have possible legal consequences as well.  Best to go through formal channels to resolve such issues.

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    lol good info over here