120 GB HDD not recognised

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    My brother has just given me his 120gb HDD from his Elite. I have an Arcade (Jasper) unit that had my old 20gb attached to it. I connected the 120gb to the data-transfer cable and manually deleted everything of the 120gb. I did not use the format option.

    Now, when I attach the 120gb HDD to the actual HDD slot on the Xbox, the Xbox is not recognising the 120gb. Spent a good time on the internet trying to find out what has happened and I beleive I may have flashed the 120gb so the Xbox is not picking it up. In some instances on various forums, I have read that people have had their 120gb flashed into a 16gb unit. This has not happened to mine but it will still not be recognised by the Xbox.

    Does anyone have ideas what I can do, or what I have actually done?

    (I have paragraphed this but usually when I post, it comes out as wall as text so apologies in advance)

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    you will have a better chance of a technical answer if you post in the support forums.

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    Did you happen to use a 3rd party Transfer Cable (non-MS)?


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    From what has been described, it sounds like the 120GB drive has been formatted in a way that the console no longer recognises it as a 120 GB HDD. Have heard of this issue before when people have used "transfer cables"...sadly, there is no way to return it to its original format as the console will simply treat it as a USB Drive so the most you could use is 16gb or 32gb maybe

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    Lewgiffard - Used a genuine MS transfer cable. I have read reports on fake China eBay ones so avoided them.

    Cockney Charmer - This is what I am sadly starting to accept. Looks like I know have an external USB drive. Shame MS have not picked up on this or put some sort of "fix" through as quite a few threads out there on the same issue. Thanks anyway.

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    I had the same problem, I actually bought a brand new 120GB harddrive and stupidly formatted it using the transfer cable, which rendered it useless to work with the 360, if I connect it using the transfer cable it recognises it but only as a USB external with 16gb of space, however if I connect it to the PC, it shows the full 116gb or something along those lines. Found out there is absolutely no way I could get it to work with the 360.

    Was really annoyed though ,wasted money on it, so now I just use it as an external harddrive so its not so bad, luckily I managed to find another 120GB very cheap, and made sure I don't make the same mistake twice :P