Game ME3 preorders being cancelled.

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    I am laughing at the people who were selling their preorders from the Game group on ebay. They will soon find out that they have been cancelled and will then have to apologise to the people who bought them off ebay as everywhere will be sold out very soon

    Exactly what i was thinking, serves the greedy b******* right.

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    seems it's already sold out everywhere.. My gamestop order is still saying confirmed though and i've had no e-mail regarding it, i thought GAME owned gamestop?

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    Blockbusters has now been added to EA's list of N7 sellers. Go go go

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    This'll be the first physical Collectors Edition of a Mass Effect game I've gotten.


    Got the Limited Edition of the first Mass Effect from CEX. Got the Collectors Edition of ME2 as the Digital Deluxe version from the EA Store and now the Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition from Amazon.


    I do feel bad for those folk who ordered from GAME and might out but I'm happy I've got my copy.

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    I was lucky enough to read this on my iPhone at college and I managed to bag myself a N7 edition from ShopTo. I'm actually much happier I'm getting it with ShopTo, as I really do not trust GAME anymore. I would have been raging if I never got the chance to claim one.

    They can stick there £5 voucher where the sun dont shine too.

    I've completely forgotten my GAME password actually. I want to log in to check they have cancelled my order for me as I wouldn't put it past them to still charge me for it. I've asked for a password reset email 4 times now and I still aint heard a thing.

    Truly shocking service.

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    Luckily while at work managed to sign into my phone and snag a shopto N7 edition so can cancel my game if they don't cancel it for me

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    I'm guessing Shopto have ran out seeing as they aren't on the list of retailers anymore on the EA update. has been added to the list and are still taking orders for both console versions.

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    Yes ShopTo announced they have run out of 360 + PC N7 editions but they have some PS3 versions left.

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    Glad i got my order in at shopto ealier! about an hour or so before i got the email from game!....

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    Well happy with Amazons customer service, when it first came on the site it was £55.88. I went all the way to check out and then it said that it wasn't available so I preordered it for the normal price. I have just rang them now and they have honoured the £55.88 and adjusted my order to reflect this price.

    Now that is customer service right there

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    Just read about this on the BBC website - interesting that it makes national news. And glad that this isn't happening with a game I have interest in!

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    I feel sorry for all the Game and Gamestation staff.  My other half is not looking forward to the amount of grief she's gonna get when people start coming in to get their deposits back.

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    It's not very clear what's happening here.


    Best guess is that EA want GAME to do something for them that they are not prepared to do or GAME want EA to do something for them that they're not prepared to do.


    Sure the 5 or 6 people that surf these boards regularly will happily place their orders online but EA not being able to sell one of it's Flagship Titles in the UK's biggest High Street gaming specialty shops is going to hit them in the pocket.



    I find your lack of faith... disturbing.


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    The best guess is that GAME simply cant afford to purchase stock.

    They will be gone by the end of the year.

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    Due to the Game Group's precarious financial position they've been trying to thrash out more favourable terms with publishers so they can continue to receive new stock but apparently EA won't budge.  Most publishers have been quite sympathetic to their plight as they value the presence of a large retailer dedicated to gaming but EA have left them with no choice but to not buy any wholesale stock from them without putting the company into even greater financial trouble.