Game ME3 preorders being cancelled.

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    Glad i pre-order everything from ShopTo.Safe to say that Game aren't  Commander Shepards favourite shop on the Citadel.

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    Har har

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    *spits tea out

    FYI it looks like HMV are stocking n7 editions as well, it's showing on ther website, might be worth a looking people still need it

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    There are more copies of ME3 in space than there are in GAME's warehouses

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    Az seems to be ignorant of the fact that the major supermarket chains all over the country have been selling the same games for cheaper prices for a few years now.

    i don't mean to point out but i feel i need to.

    they're not always cheaper. Black ops at my local tescos is still £46.90

    darkness 2 is currently on the shelves there at £42.90 and that is it's deal of the week lower price.

    Many people seem to be forgetting why they started shopping online in the first place.


    You didn't do it because you were trendy and hip to the new way of shopping.


    You did it because Online Retailers were undercutting High Street prices to get your business.


    This has paid off for them and they don't really have to do it anymore.  Now you can pay Full Game Price and think you're getting a good deal because you'll actually get the game on release date.


    Supermarkets made a couple of high profile publicity pushes with games when they sold FIFA for £ 24.00 and undercut with Call Of Duty at one point as well but especially when it comes to EA titles... nowadays these are generally sold at 'New Game Price'.


    Another thing people forget is that there are tons of people out there who haven't been counting down the days until the release of "Mass Effect 3" because as far as they're concerned... it's not a big deal... it's just a game.


    Online shoppers, die hard fans, people who were looking forwards to it and really want to play it...  All of these people will find their copies of "Mass Effect 3".  The people who generally shop on the High Street won't and EA will suffer a loss for their unsold games.


    "Mass Effect" is a popular franchise but the reason that the N7 Collector's Edition is sold out everywhere online is because the online retailsers are exhausting their standard allocations.


    Don't panic because they're all sold out.


    EA are going to have plenty to spare and they'll be lucky to shift all of them.



    I find your lack of faith... disturbing.


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    I started buying online cause i am a lazy bum. i haven't ever really noticed any drastic price differences on new releases and if there is normally the postage price is the difference.


    old games are always cheaper online.



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    Az.....just because you believe it to be a certain way, doesnt make it the absolute truth. you seem so afraid of the internet and how its evolving the sharing of information and the purchase of goods and services...remember, its the internet that allows you, to share your thoughts...time you evolved as well

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    Also it should be noted that many people now have a mobile device with them that has internet access. Whether that be a smart phone, netbook, iPad etc


    So online shopping isn't just something you can do at home. Heck most stores, real world and online, have dedicated apps for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android.


    "Oh no, GAME doesn't have Title X. No worries just grab it from Amazon on my iPod Touch."

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    EA won't have tons spare Az. Look at the first two games and a while back Bioware stated they can't make anymore CE's before launch so whatever numbers got given to all the worldwide retailers is what the stock is going to be. I've got two copys on order, will get some profit via good old ebay ;o

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    To back Az up here.

    A lot of people seem to be under the impression people are mad for a certain technology, yes I have a phone that can go online, no I don't use it as its pay as you go.

    Everyone has been on about games pricing but its about knowing prices and I must say I have had some damn nice deals from there which would have cost me far more on release.

    The main thing game has is respectable image something other stores just can't seem to get its the kind of store any one can go into and not feel out of place hugely its the store older people tend to shop for their grandkids and stuff in (if they do shop for them) Its the place people not of the internet generation tend to go to buy stuff for gamer friends.



    Most of us here being gamers for a while will know there are other games shop many offering better stuff about and online options but game somehow managed to get those people their by appearing respectable. However its rare to see non serious gamers in a place like CEX with the heavy metal music blasting out and some of the staff looking like a tattoo studio wall (these aren't bad things but they are the reason the main non gamer crowed won't end up buying Mass Effect 3 copies).

    It won't be some giant sales loss however I think EA will notice it.

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    The N7 Edition is back on at and they are also doing the Warfare pack DLC with it as well

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    all that happened, was that EA...took the stock allocated for Game Group...and sold it to other retailers. Same Stock, still being sold...and with the credit insurance EA was looking for, so for EA..its a done deal.

    There are other places where you will be able to walk into a store, on Friday 9th March and pick up the Game. Game Group need to sort out their business model and stop pretending, mostly to its customers, that everything is ok when it clearly is not...its a business in trouble, EA pulling all their titles from them until they can get back the credit insurance they once held with the banks or money to buy the needed stock, is a harsh lesson in business.

    EA will still sell its numbers of Mass Effect 3, it just means that they will be sold from other retailers, like it has done for years now. Game Group could wrap up business over night, and people will still be able to buy games walking into retailers or by buying things online 

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    I checked my ME3CE Game order this morning as I have done every day for the last week or so... all ok   this affy checked my emails no notification re cancellation  come on here half hour ago see this lot , shock horror   check Game order again   and like everyone else its chuffing cancelled  just spent last twenty mins going round every game seller but tooooo late no CE available  

    I've been  laughing at all the desperate bods paying upwards of £120 for it on ebay now I can't find the correct words to describe how I feel.  Left brain keeps saying 'it's only a game ' right brain is just howling with frustration .

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    Just to let everyone know, I just managed to order a CE from Still sceptical it will actually come through but maybe worth a try for anyone still looking to get one.

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    People seem to be forgetting that Mass Effect 3 isn't the only triple A title that's being released this year.  Game Group have re-negotiated terms with all publishers except EA and the situation with EA could change if they decide to soften their stance a little.  Also, Game and Gamestation actually make very little profit from new software sales, it's the pre-owned market that's their bread and butter.