Dashboard update

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    Anybody else just get a update? I can't see adverts or access my friends list now.
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    I came offline about 10 minutes ago and I never got an update?

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    I just got it, I was playing some Fifa and was signed out.

    When I signed back in I was prompted to do a dashboard update.

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    whats it for?

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    Are you sure it wasn't just a Fifa update?

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    Nope not a Fifa update, it was a dashboard update.

    I'm guessing it's a prep for the new dash that was revealed at e3.

    I googled it and a few people have received it but can't find any other info.

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    I guess like always we all getting it at various times, just signed back in and no update yet.

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    I spoke to my friend, his dashboard version is 2.0.14719.0,

    Mine is 2.0.15572.0. He said he clicked on Zune then was prompted to download it.

    So now his dashboard is the same version as mine.

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    Expect the standard 'improving performance' statement (i.e. we broke something, didn't want to say that and this is our fix.. Hopefully) from major nelson any day then

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    I just had to update there. I went to customize my avatar and it prompted me to download the update.

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    The only difference I can see so far is that theyve removed the Sky twist...

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    Yeah, i didn't see any change. Just couldn't access my friends list for a while.

    Reset the Xbox and I could.

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    Only things I can notice are:

    -Removed that TV tab thing that only had Sky on it anyway

    -There's now a "Avatar Store" on the social tab (instead of having to click your avatar and then avatar store)

    -There's now a subcriptions and map packs area on the games marketplace under add-ons

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    just getting the update now and that subscription and map pack areas always been there

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    Has it? guess I never noticed lol