Grand Theft Auto V install/loading issues

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    I installed GTA V the other day (Disc One) and the game ran fine. Then the next day I noticed that I would get disc read errors while loading, then if the game did load it would crash just before the Rockstar logo appears. It would take about 15 minutes of resetting my console to fix it.

    I would then sometimes run into an issue where the Cut scenes would have no audio, forcing me to repeat this process.

    Today however it has taken one hour to get it running, where i met the cut scene issue and then another hour until I caved in searching for help. Xbox support said to try uninstalling the disc one data and reinstalling. After uninstalling I have now found that disc one, when it should ask me to select device or w/e I am greeted with a blank xbox message, I press A it disappears and then I have a black screen where I believe it is downloading (I found corrupt files if I cancel).

    I am currently leaving it to hopefully install, but I feel the problem will persist.

    I worried it was an issue with the disc, but it is in perfect condition. Then I thought it was my xbox, but all my other games run smoothly (It rarely crashes and sometimes has disc read errors, but not this frequently).

    I was wondering if anyone knew what was wrong? So I can get back to enjoying the game.

    It's running on an old 360 elite. 

    Student @ University College Falmouth

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