Dark souls cannot connect to windows LIVE

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    I got Dark souls prepare to die edition on pc running yesterday, and soon noticed that playing the game wasn't made too simple. After creating windows live ID I tried logging in to the service. According to the game, the windows live service is unavailable, it cannot download the profile information from the server and therefore I am unable to save my progress. Is this a designed feature, maybe in hopes of making customers' computers overheat due to having to keep them running in order to avoid losing progress? Windows would no doubt get a lot more profit from sales if this is the case, for obviously the old OS would have to be replaced. :/

    Now, since the rant is out of the way, I can focus on asking for help. How do I fix this issue? According to my knowledge I have permitted everything related to the game through my windows firewall. I am not familiar dealing with firewall ports and the like, so a good guide would be nice. I am running a win7, 64 bit OS.

    I apologise to the sour tone earlier, but as a student with little money at his casual disposal, using dozens of euros to a game in which I can't save is frustrating.

    Please respond quickly

    - Miika Isoviita, Finland

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    I have the same issue

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    As do I

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    And me, GFWL in game says my username or password is incorrect, yet I'm using it here to post this message.

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    After running tests for several hours, I ended up just updating my windows software and that fixed my problem, hope this helped!

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    I want to update my old account. Bought a game that uses GFWL, it pushed me to microsoft site, i did log in, pressed the button that i agree everything etc. And the next site is with an error "Something went wrong, it shouldn't look like this" with those codes.

    date:2013-07-18 10:19:18


    And it happens everytime when i click above, "my account". What to do? I can't play my game now on this account. It works on a new one, but i want this one.

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    Network/Connections trouble shooting thread should help.

    As always, Play Safe!

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    No, its not a connection or network problem, you know what is easier?  Not buying NEXT GAME WITH THAT STUPID GAME FOR WINDOWS LIVE.

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    As you probably can see from the timestamp of the first message, it has been quite a while since I reported the issue. I have also reported the issue on several other forums here on Microsoft support but so far none of the troubleshooting tips have helped. Not only that, but I bought three other games (Batman Arkham Asylum and City, as well as GTA IV) without knowing that they had GFWL. So far I have bought four different games and they all share this issue. I, as a student with not much extra money in my hands, have usede what little extra I've got to these titles and found out that they are flawed.

    The problem with not purchasing games with GFWL is rather obvious. The games are good. I cannot understand why Microsoft as a company dependant on its customers wants to *** on their faces like this. Behaviour like this leads to piracy, because at least those games do not require always on DRM on flimsy servers and provide in depht, detailed guides on how to get the games to work. In essence, pirates provide better customer service. After this, no-one should be surprised about the "rampant piracy" because you have entirely brought it upon yourself.

    I want to play the games I paid good money for, I want to be able to save in a game I paid good money for and to do this I am willing to let a Microsoft employee get on my computer and try to fix the issue. Thus far every solution has turned out to be useless, and some have been reported to put my computer to risk. Who is responsible if I do what your troubleshooting crew tells me to do and end up rendering my one and a half thousand euros worth of a computer useless?

    Should you fail to provide me with a working solution and instructions that I can follow without knowing everything there is to know about networking, firewall ports or such, I demand refund of a full retail price of each of the four titles I bought and a formal apology. It is good money I paid for each of those titles and I expect to get something for that money.

    Miika Isoviita

    Tampere, Finland