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Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC map not appearing in game

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Hey guys

Having some trouble here, I have purchased the Villain Challenge map in the Batman: AA game on GFWL Marketplace

It downloads and installs, but it doesnt show up when I open up the game in the DLC section.

I've tried it with another map, the Insane Night map, which works - and is free, I suspect it's something to do with payment?

(although it has already been a couple of days)


If anyone has a solution or answer to why the map isn't showing up please reply!

Thanks in advance!

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    If you have already downloaded and installed it, it isn't the paymet.

    Try uninstalling it and redownloading it from within the game.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I tried what you suggested but still nothing :(

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    I'm having the same problem with the same map.

    I'm using the Steam version of the game that I purchased last year, not the game of the year edition. Anyway, yesterday I decided to purchase 2 map packs from GFWL. The crime alley map and the villian map pack. Both downloaded and installed. I got a popup for each install indicating that I have new content.

    When I start the game and go to the downloadable content, it does NOT show the Villian Map pack, but it does show crime alley. I also tried what you suggested. I opened my GFWL store app and deleted my purchase and redownloaded the Villian map pack and reinstalled it through the store. But it still does not show up in my Downloaded content withing the game.

    Any help would be appreciated as right now I paid for DLC that I cannot play. By the way, I went to the downloaded directory that the market place downloads the DLC to and confirmed that the files are there.

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    I also tried deleting it, then redownloading and installing from within the game. No go. Still can't see Villian Map pack. I would like my money back if I cannot get this resolved.

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    I'm having the exact same problem over here... I can play the Crime Alley DLC, but not the Villian Challenge map. Per GFWL, I've also apparently installed both.

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    Same here - exactly the same as everyone else.

    I've also tried: uninstalling Batman AA (which cost me 10hrs play!) and uninstalling GFWL and starting fresh - nothing here works.

    I also tried contacting tech support who tried to help but could not solve the problem.

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    Well - this is still not fixed, it has nothing to do with payment as it does not show on a new account or purchase so something has broken on the GFWL side.

    I have spent ages trying to fix this, I've followed all the FAQs on this, plus other attempts to get this to work and it all fails.

    Is there anybody else who can help?  maybe a moderator or someone else who knows a fix.

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    system spec:

    Windows Vista 64bit, 6 Gig Ram, Nvidia Geforce 570GTX, Intel Q9550 Quad Core, Creative Lab Xi-Fi sound card.

    When I purchased the DLC on release it worked fine, its only after a re-install did this start to happen.

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    I just purchased the DLC a week and I'm getting the same thing.

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    Anybody have a positive update? I know the DLC wasn't the most expensive thing in the world, but I feel a little ripped off and honestly, just really want to play the DLC.

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    This is BS. We paid money for this DLC, even if it was less than 5 bucks, if we can't get it in game, we should get a refund.

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    I couldn't agree more, but sadly have low expectations as to how this will all pan out. I imagine that whoever is specifically in charge with this DLC feels that they have better things to worry about.

    This is all a bit sad though. It's not that the DLC has bugs, bad graphics or isn't fun - we can't even start it, we don't even know! I'm also well aware that I bought this for less than $5 and that this game isn't exactly new, but the lack of good faith to get this fixed certainly leaves a bitter taste in my mouth...

    *Gets off soap box...

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    I've gone on a mission to try and get this issue resolved but nothing has worked - as far as I can tell, this is the only active thread about this issue.  Posting in these forums feels like shouting into an empty room - nobody is going to hear you let alone anybody official saying that they'll look into it.

    I can't agree more with gnazj really, what also concerns me is that when (note I said 'when') Batman Arkham City is released we'll get the same treatment with that as well.

    Gaming as a hobby is really starting to fail due to pure greed and failure to support its customers.

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    Call GFWL support and see if they can help you.

    As always, Play Safe!

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    One way or another, I'm going to keep on calling and posting until I get an answer about this issue. This isn't even a question of who's right and who's wrong.  If they don't honour their agreement, it is downright stealing from consumers. It's not about the money, but about principle. For such a large company like Microsoft, it's a downright embarassment to take money from their consumers for a broken product and service.