DiRT 3 DVD Install gives run time error dirt3_game.exe - Unable To Locate Component xlive.dll

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    This happens with the DiRT3 DVD install on Windows XP. This is because it does not install Games for Windows Live properly.

    You may be able to run this:
    Start > All Programs > Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace > Games for Windows Marketplace

    And it will tell you that your files are missing and will offer to download them.

    Alternatively go here to get "Games for Windows Marketplace Client":

    Note: You are likely to also need this MS KB or you won't be able to sign in to GFWL in the game nor download the update!

    See threads:
    "DiRT3 Profile won't Download - Windows XP"
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    PS: I would have posted on codemasters site but they currently aren't allowing new forum logins due to a security breach.