Osmos dummy achievement

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    Anyone know when they fix the achievement 12? It seems rather an "obligation", since almost every Arcade game has 12 achievements, except for World of Goo. This is the position of Hemisphere Games:

    There isn’t actually a 12th achievement; Osmos only has 11. Sorry, but for some reason GFWL is showing a 12th, 0-point, secret “dummy” achievement. The full 200 points are spread across the existing 11 acheivement though, and we may add a few more in a title update down the line. Official site.

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    Microsoft doesnt care to fix these types of problems.

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    I always think it is funny when I see a user who has "unlocked" all 12 achievements for this game.

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    Hemisphere Games on July 2010: "We actually submitted an update to MS for Osmos on GFWL, and they decided it wasn't worth the trouble. So... it's really out of our hands at this point. =P"


    Thank you, Microsoft.