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    What defines a PC gamer?  I play halo 2 and shadowrun on pc and that's it at this point in time.  However, I play just about every game that is released on xbox 360.  So am I an Xbox player posing as a PC player, or is it the case that because I play a game on PC it makes me a pc player.  Because of my console roots I despise the mouse and keyboard except for mmos and rts.  I play all shooters on pc with a controller, I'm terrible with mouse and keyboard.  So does that make me less of a pc gamer?  I easily kill windows players all the time with my controller against their mouse and keyboard, even from my xbox, so your last paragraph made no sense to me.

    Well then you are a true exceptional if you also play on PC and use your 360 controller for that.

    PC Gamers are defined by the fact that they play only on PC. They don't play on Xbox 360, PS3 or any other console platform. Their main gaming platform is the PC.

    You could be considered both a console and a PC gamer. But the term I used is basically targetted as a general tendency.


    For the majority of the people keyboard and mouse are far more superior when it comes to first person shooters. Now I must say im not surprised how easily I am killing the players online in shadowrun compared to games like Battlefield Bad company 2 on the PC where killing is really a true challenge.

    I also have an Xbox 360 controller for Windows, but I only use it to play FIFA 11, NBA 2K11, MLB 2K11, etc all on PC! In sports games the controller is definitely more superior than keyboard and mouse! Just like in these games keyboard and mouse are inferior.


    If you say my last paragraph doesn't make sense, then you're having a laugh, im sorry. It is universally known and accepted that keyboard and mouse are by far the superior peripheral to use, whether you disagree or not, that's a fact.Stick out tongue If you adapt to keyboard and mouse then you will prefer that over the gamepad for FPS shooters.

    Have a look at this link, surprise, surprise, it is aimed particularly at Shadowrun!!!

    Here’s a fact that PC gamers will love to brag about in the future, in the never ending PC vs. console war: apparently Microsoft killed cross-play between the PC and Xbox 360 because of the superior controls a mouse and keyboard offers, something PC gamers have known for decades now.

    Now I don't want to create a flamewar here, but I am stating facts, that you seem to be unaware of.

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    Everything you said is all a matter of opinion not fact, it's never been proven that mouse and keyboard are superior(if anything I prove that it isn't everyday in Shadowrun on my xbox)  The link you provided was not a fact at all(it wasn't based on any official statement from microsoft) it was an article on someone's presumption and opinion.  If it was universally known and accepted then we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.  You have stated no facts(nothing you have said can be proven or disproven and hasn't been).  There are only 3 cross platform games and I have destroyed pc mouse and keyboard players with my controller on two of them(Universe at War I wouldn't touch with a controller) so there's my fact.  I am a gamer, that is all. for everything Shadowrun
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    That's the thing, the flexibility is there to play both.

    I personally am a PC only player.

    I however will use my 360 controllers on occasion, usually for third person perspective games more than anything, for some reason that works for me.

    Every once in a while I'll use the controller on my PC for Shadowrun or some other FPS and realize how much I really stink at it :P

    Back to KB/M then ...

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    Awesome work cptjack. Like Wameri said I found this section mostly by accident. But I did know that the 360 SR forum is not up yet. I made a topic about it and a mod told me that it should be coming back with the rest of the other game forums. Once it does we should copy some of the relevant info from this topic and start it up again. If they don't bring it back for some reason I will be raising hell in the general and support sections until they do. There's no good reason to not bring it back, how much effort does it really take to make a forum section and name it shadowrun?


    Btw I bumped Prophets topic about cross platform chat but I didn't want to keep bumping it and get it locked. You guys should help it stay on top by voicing your support and annoyance. Just don't go crazy and get the topic closed or make them not wanna help us.


    For those of you who don't know me I'm a long time member of the SR community. I play only on 360 but I am doing what I can to help you guys get this communication issue fixed. SR is one of the best games out there and it's a shame to have the community split and angry.

    Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out.

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    I'll get it locked because I keep bumping it.  It's almost like noone cares but me.  :(sad face.....grin:) for everything Shadowrun
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    You should hold off until someone else bumps it or it falls off the first page.

    Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out.

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    I usually wait till it falls off the first page and it's really sad that they would lock it instead of finding some kind of official response to post. for everything Shadowrun
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    I'll go hit the topic now.

    And welcome to the PC side of things my friend.

    Even if you are an Xbox player Wink

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    It's been a while since i played shadowrun on xbox or pc.  I originally rented the xbox version a few times, but then decided to buy the pc version (this was back in mid 2010 i think, maybe a little earlier.)  Now, only a few days ago, I got back into the game only to realize that voice chat does not work cross console anymore.  Everytime I talked, and no one would respond, I would get a kick vote on me (prolly because of the static i dont know im producing).  I kept doing it until one person finally explained to me that you cant cross console chat.  I really think Microsoft could patch the problem in one hour, especially since they own the game now since fasa was shut down.  It really sucks that such a good game was made by a company that got shut down.  This game could be so much better if they werent, including a possible sequel to it.  Honestly, im quite annoyed with this, especially since the game is very well populated and they wont do anything.  I dont believe there will be a patch because microsoft only wants money, and this game doesnt give them that much money (5 dollar used xbox version, 20 dollar pc version which i got much less on amazon).

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    Strange that it costs 20 dollars for PC. Cos I bought Shadowrun PC version from PC World here in the UK in stores for £4.99 in 2009!

    By the way, I also think we need a universal forum for this game. I mean a Shadowrun General Discussion (PC & Xbox 360) this would make more sense since this game is cross-platform. You wouldn't want to have a separate forum for both PC and Xbox 360.:/

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    . . . AND I bumped it  :P

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    Attention I got a new post at the games for windows forums about this issue now

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    The first page is really messy. for the community of the game we all love and enjoy

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    yeah I think maybe when he gets the chance, Jack will seperate them out into seperate threads for everything Shadowrun
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    I was more concerned about getting the information from the old forums to this one.

    UNFORTUNATELY once a reply has been posted now, we can not edit our threads, so sadly, they are stuck like this UNLESS I'm given mod rights.