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    My pistol is beast on xbox and pc, just throwing that out there. for everything Shadowrun
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    Well, all I'm saying is it seems lately that none of my shots will hit people in certain games, and I'm taken down in 1-2 shots from a mile away.  So either I stink, or my internet connection is wonking out on me.  I will say, I've seen more than a few lagfest games where it looks like animation from South Park instead "normal"

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    Damn it's dead over here.  Jack where's your server?!  I needed it several times this week, but alas it was nowhere to be found.  Is it coming back?  It totally figures that it would be down when I'm looking to use it.  It's always there when I'm not. for everything Shadowrun
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    I don't know, I was coming here today to post about it actually.

    It seems I show it online (my gamertag for the server), and it says that gamertag is actually hosting a Shadowrun server, but I can't find it on the server list.


    I don't know what to make of it to be honest.  Absolutely NOTHING has changed on that computer since I reinstalled it just for the purpose of hosting the Shadowrun server program.  My network remains intact and unchanged as well.

    This is apparent with the fact I'm able to play Shadowrun at all.  So why is the server not showing up?  And more confusing is, why do I see the gamertag online hosting a server?

    The interface is working properly, it is running, and rotating the maps like it always does.


    I will mention that the server "drops" on a much more frequent basis since the latest LIVE update.  Only in the last couple of days (that I've noticed), will it not actually come fully online to ba accessable to players.


    I'm actually heartbroken over this, while it doesn't get a lot of traffic (to be honest, hardly any), I'm quite proud to have it running for those who wish to use it.

    And now, well, what's the point, I'm just wasting electricity by having it run.

    Regardless, I'm leaving it up, just in case there is a glitch in the LIVE service; the Halo 2 server browser is down as well, coincedence? I think not.

    Has support ended for server browsers for these older games?  I certainly hope not, or at the very least, let us have access to software so that we can put our own unofficial LIVE service up so that those who love these older games can still play them.


    I will however keep you updated on the status.

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    I'm heartbroken as well now......FIX IT!!! for everything Shadowrun
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    SERVER IS BACK ONLINE AND JOINABLE via the server browser!

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    Yes, excellent news, whatever was broke, be now fixed...


    I wonder if Halo 2 is back up then too? I hope so.

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    Hey, Prophet.

    How did my dust taste?

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    Dusty!  Also you have been spotted in the blog this week getting smacked with a rocket launcher and shottied around 1:25

    [view:[View:]] for everything Shadowrun
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    Well, Jack your server definately got some use this weekend.  I got a group of players who are starting to come around to it's advantages, so hopefully we will start using it more often.  Also how hard would it be to specially request a certain map line-up? for everything Shadowrun
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    Jack I can't get back in the server, please respond to my message.  We had another large group in there yesterday. for everything Shadowrun
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    Some of my most recent Shadowrun Backgrounds and Icons:


    Shadowrun at Night


    Shadowrun at Day


    Shadowrun Black


    Shadowrun White


    Shadowrun Dragon with CPC Orb


    Shadowrun Dragon without CPC Orb


    Shadowrun Icon no BG   Shadowrun Icon with BG


    Feel free to use and distribute, as I take no credit for any of the original artwork, but simply have modified some of it.


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    Thanks Jack, with your permission, I will use these across the site somewhere.  I will gladly give you credit in the forums of course. for everything Shadowrun
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    By all means, go ahead and use it for the site.


    If you need anything modified for resolution or whatever, just let me know.


    I also have icon versions of the RNA and Lineage Logos, well, PNG 256x256 version.  I do have the ability to make normal Windows Icon files too.  I haven't bothered so much lately since Windows 7 natively will take a PNG file as an icon.

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    * * * * *     S E R V E R   U P D A T E     * * * * *


    You may notice from time to time during early evenings and/or some weekends that the Shadowrun Dedicated Server is not online.


    I've had to "promote" this machine to a gaming desktop for my oldest, as the other machines I have running, just aren't keeping up with the demands of some of the newer games.


    We do like to hit Halo Custom Edition from time to time, as well as a few other games, and she's noticing more and more how "craptacular" these games looked and ran on my laptops and other desktops.

    So, as a result of my server being almost as good as my gaming rig, we will be using it from time to time for some father daughter gaming.

    Rest assured, as soon as these sessions are done, the server will be restarted.


    I figure that this won't create too much trouble since these times seem to be the least busy for the server anyway.  Once i build another machine, OR upgrade one of my existing ones, this won't be an issue any longer.


    Regardless, IF you are trying to use the server, AND it's not available, let me know A.S.A.P. via my email,  (this will go straight to my phone and notify me pretty quickly), and I'll get it back up and running as quickly as I can.