how to redeem a cd key for pc game?

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    Hi im totally new to this window live marketplace i just brought a F1 2011 cd key from cd key warehouse where do I redeem and download the game? 

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    Well you kinda stabbed your own foot for buying just a cd key.  

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    I would go back to the CD Key Warehouse and put your question the them.  Good luck with that.



    I checked the website and they have the digital downloads for the keys they sell.  They only deal with digital downloads.  They are not a live service, just a reseller.

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    If they aren't providing a disc, or a download to the files then they are selling fake goods which is a crime.

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    I checked out the cd key warehouse, they are legit and they do provide a download for the files for every key they sell.  The name of the site is misleading.

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    well i bought batman arkham asylum via steam... the give me game to downlad and a cd-key...when i start batman via steam in the game i sign in in games for windows and he put me the game...