Is Games for Windows LIVE already dead?

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    We all knew that GFWL's days are numbered when Xbox Live on Windows was announced, but it looks like it hasn't even lasted until Windows 8 came out.

    Microsoft have only got one upcoming PC game, Flight. They aren't doing any ports from the Xbox, and Alan Wake is only coming to PC because Remedy are publishing it themselves (and won't even use GFWL). Age of Empires Online seems to have been neglected since its release, which is worrying for a free-to-play title.

    Meanwhile, third-party GFWL titles have almost completely dried up, and even GFWL stalwarts like Codemasters are beginning to abandon it. The only remaining third-party GFWL publishers are Warner Bros. and Capcom, and even they haven't yet officially confirmed any of their upcoming titles for GFWL. It used to be that no company had abandoned GFWL that had made an SSA game, suggesting that maybe that was the main problem they had with it. But it seems that there are other reasons, or Codemasters would still be using it.

    The Marketplace has been virtually abandoned, with only a few GFWL games being released (and the actual client is now almost completely useless). Microsoft seem to be getting ready to put all their games up on Steam too (hopefully we'll be able to transfer them from GFWM if they do).

    What went wrong? Is it all an elaborate plan to ensure gamers have forgotten about GFWL's existence by the time Windows 8 comes out, or have Microsoft just completely dropped the ball? Does XBLoW even have a chance, or is it already doomed to fail?

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    Yes. All signs point to it being already dead.

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    I don't think that at this point anyone will have the guts to say "no"... Because GFWL has been pretty much dead for the last year.

    I don't believe in Microsoft's recommitment to PC gaming, I just don't. Vista was supposed to be the start, it failed, MS stopped supporting GFWL, prevented its own first party games from being released even. Windows 7 came, we were promised great things, it's proven to be a success, yet nothing - NOTHING happened, it's only gotten worse.

    Windows 8 will be a failure - mark my words, it'll only sell copies because of being pre-installed on laptops and tablets - since everyone has only just now switched to 7. Don't forget that another xbox is looming on the horizon, so we can expect ZERO support from MS on the PC side of things and ZERO games, because they'll want everything to be xbox exclusive.

    This service is dead, has been dead for a while and I don't believe a single thing will change for the better. Not as long as xbox as a console exists.

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    ^ Yes. It would be hard to prove that GFWL isn't on it's last legs right now. It has been disapointing me for a while. With the odd decent title here and there. Microsoft should have been sharing their studio titles with GFWL all along, I would have respected that. I'm glad that the fans of GFWLive are expressing themselves honestly. Maybe Microsoft will read some of these posts and get into gear.

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    gfwl was dead since the start

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    Age of Empires Online is doing fine. Third most played game on GFWL (if it counts for anything anyway)

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    I wonder how the supposed integration of pc's, windows phones and xbox's on windows 8 will play out. Will microsoft give it their best shot on windows 8? Well, judging from windows vista and

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    I also wonder if it had anything to do with costing more to place or use the Live function in games. For example Bethesda's Fallout 3 had Live but New Vegas and Skyrim didn't.

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    For anyone wondering about Live enable games, browse the games and look at the icons for the games.  You will see the Games for Windows....Live logo for live enabled games.  There are a couple of exceptions.

    GFWL is FAR from dead.  I am waiting for more games and changes and we should see them soon.  

    There is a glut of games right now, if you check, so in the next 2 or 3 months there is a slew of games coming out.

    As always, Play Safe!

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    far from dead? rofl dude get out of the cave, only capcom supports it and that probably for a short time only

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    Games for windows live dead? Far from it. Come take a look at the games. . Check it out!

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    Yeah but look at the release dates for them

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    Hey man, it is hard to add a game to the marketplace every two months!

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    I don't think it is dead, but it is obviously going through a re-branding with Windows 8.


    See the presentation from Build on developing for "Xbox LIVE for Windows 8".



    Games for Windows Live isn't mentioned once, but there is still going to need to be legacy support for Vista and Windows 7.  Whether the current client will be re-branded remains to be seen.


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    those arent gfwl