Games for Windows Marketplace moving to!

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    Games for Windows Marketplace is coming to!

    Games for Windows Marketplace will fully transition over to Now you can get all of your gaming needs in one place. It’s convenient, it’s concentrated, and it’s a whole lot of great games.
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    I guess this transition is alright. Personally, I thought GFWM was fine where it was. I just hope they have a tab saying PC games and not include it in the overall games list. That would be annoying having to scan through the xbox games to find a single PC title.

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    If this lets us get more sales/deals and a wider selection then I guess this is fine.

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    If it lets me get my DLC even if i am under 18, that would be incredible. Just if it works the same way as the Xbox.

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    Is there an official date when this will happen? I think this is great cause it seemed like the Windows Marketplace was not updated as frequently. But I agree with the others, there needs to be an easy and clear way to separate the platforms.

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    Terrible idea sorry but these forums & are really slow to browse here in the UK does anyone @ MS/GFWL actually test the speed from outside US????

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    Will there be a portal site, or is GFW forever shadowed by the Xbox brand? I think consolidation was needed for a while, but I don't think covering the brand is in any way going to get people interested in it.

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    I hope this means more games will be cross-platform in the future.

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    This might make a bit more sense if there were more Games For Windows that allowed for cross-platform Live multiplayer with Xbox 360 players or if more games besides just Game Room could be played across both platforms sharing data.

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    I didinĀ“t find anithig for windows in this site :(

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    "Games for Windows® is moving to in July. Get the latest Games for Windows–LIVE exclusives, best-selling PC titles, great casual games, and incredible deals. Our new design on will let you easily find your favorite games, and our updated newsletter design is a sneak preview of things to come. "


    Allright! That's good.

    But another important question is still unanswered: there is a lot of Xbox game on the Xbox board which is not available in their marketplace (Rogue Warrior, Wolfenstein, Bionicle Heroes just for example) Will be there any game information about the other 'Games For Windows' branded titles, which are not available on the GFW-M (Metro2033; Fallout NewVegas; Wolfenstein; Alone in the Dark and more) ?

    Would be good...

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    This is definitely needed.

    Games for Windows could use a bit more exposure along with some consolidation.

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    This is... shocking, to be honest. On the one hand, this is a much needed step in the right direction. It strengthens the LIVE brand, will prevent questions pertaining to whether GfWL and XboxL are the same service, maybe that means MS will finally start treating all of its LIVE branches equally and that there'll be more cross-platform content coming, it means less confusion and so on.

    On the other hand, this merger will only make the brand "Games for Windows" less exposed. Just look at this forum, omnipresent green and xbox name everywhere. Is that such a big problem? Maybe not, if the Marketplace will be clearly visible here on the site.

    By the way, what will happen to the Marketplace application now? Will it undergo major changes, too? Or will it simply direct buyers to the Marketplace website? What about making the content available for all LIVE supported countries, when can we expect that to happen?

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    Xbox Live is said to be integrated with Windows 8, and the Xbox Live service is already integrated into Windows Phone 7. A Windows Phone 7 game & app marketplace website is coming out soon and it looks like it is going to be on It would make sense to see all of the services consolidated into one Xbox Live brand. I really don't think it would make sense for Microsoft to continue pushing the Games for Windows Live brand. Everyone knows what Xbox Live is, but most people have never heard of Games for Windows.

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    this means xbox live is gonna be free soon?