Xbox 360 to custom build pc

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    How would i go about making an xbox 360 a part of my pc build? I am going to build it from scratch and i was wondering if i could hook it all up to my motherboard, make it so i can use mouse and keyboard. I figured the ... here would know.

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    Don't think it's really possible to integrate the XBox 360 onto the PC motherboard.      

    Though I cannot give you any specifics in regards to specific models or whether it would even work, maybe a KB/M adaptor and a KVM switch would do the trick... with the right monitor you could flick between visual inputs on the fly and with the right video/audio cable you could share the speaker setup too.

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    You can do it but you will need extension cables for everything which you cannot bye, iv opened up and xbox before the CD drive core is around 5cm long, the Sata is 0cm long inbuilt and it is just not possible.

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    If anyone ever figures out how to integrate the XBox to PC I would love to have that. Wish MS would make that happen.

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    The only way to do this would be to "Emulate" the xbox on the PC, which would be possible, if someone was willing to create the emaulation(Good luck with that), but there would be legal ramifications involved.  Xbox 360 is designed from the ground up as a proprietary system working with the games on DVD, so there are all kinds of inherent issues with that.  Impossible? No.  Extremely dfficult?  Yes...

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