Section 8 Prejudice Map Pack Inbound

    • Level   8

    The Overdrive Map Pack includes two new multiplayer maps, Abaddon and Sky Dock. Amidst the magma craters of Abaddon, protect a power cell facility built on a scalding energy source. Sky Dock is a crucial military base and space port nestled in the frozen tundra. Each map is playable in both multiplayer and offline play for all game modes, which includes Swarm, Conquest, and the recently community-unlocked Assault game mode.

    You can see screens here,

    It will be out this Wednesday. 

    • Level   4

    i will get it

    • Level   8

    The price has been announced: It will be 320 MS Points and the game has been updated to 1250 GS,

    • Level   5

    Its partially broken as the 2 new maps do not appear in the ranked server lists & it causes CTD's with nasty error messages so pretty much worthless online until Timegate fix this but you can still play against bots & earn some of the other achievements.

    • Level   5

    I stand corrected its not broken at all! You cannot play ranked on the DLC maps unless at least 4 players including yourself have bought them & have installed ready to go. You can however play them in offline modes/SP.

    The DLC maps do not let you invite other players to them unless they own the maps & it can crash to the desktop so best way is to join the match by player invite or game in progress when its on a non DLC map.

    So to clarify as its a little confusing DLC is fully playable in SP/offline modes but you cannot join a DLC map ranked match in the middle only before it starts!!!