Dark Souls is coming to PC....with GFWL this August

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    One word: AWESOME!

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    And a peition has been started to get GFWL removed from the game.


    Microsoft have a lot of work to do to turn the perception about GFWL around.

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    The GFWL hate is pretty justified - I'm happy Dark Souls is going to use it, but the outcry that has happened makes me worried the sales will suffer.

    All of this wouldn't have happened if Microsoft actually SUPPORTED THIS SERVICE. It really does a lot of things backwards and none knows if there's a single person at MS actually working on improving GFWL. It hasn't changed since 2007, the interface needs a redesign, so does its basic functionality to prevent people from getting multitude of errors. Also, patches should be downloaded BEFORE the game launches.

    Come ooooon, Microsoft. What the hell, you can make all GFWL haters shut up, a small amount of effort is all it will take.

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    The petition has gone over 10,000 O_o . This might actually makes waves and stop GFWL use in Dark Souls or warn most other publishers away for good or FORCE Microsoft to get off their *** and do something. Someone pointed out GFWL hasn't been updated in 11 months that really doesn't look good. Its easy to tell its been neglected with stuff like that >:( . Bad Microsoft BAD! SHOW SOME EFFORT!

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    Dark Souls PC box from the Dark Souls facebook page: 564618305259969547054119869331419453757375113075776n.jpg

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    Nice, but that four remaining month is too much for pleasure.

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    This news comes as a welcome surprise. It's fitting that the OP was formally DarkestSoul too...Nice!

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    I won't be getting it but,

    *Please keep GFWL, Please keep GFWL*