HBO coming to consoles

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    How much is HBO Go once it comes on Xbox Live?

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    It's free**

    You must already subscribe to HBO...

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    I really like this option, as HBO GO has a lot of great streaming content for people who can not watch every episode of their shows or who don't want to pay for old movies on Netflix.  I am really excited that I will be getting this as it was the main reason I bought my 360 this time (This is number 4 for me ) Sorry Apple TV, NO HBO 4 U!!

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    Anybody happen to know if HBO GO streams HD as well?  Or will it be SD as it appears while watching on computer?

    I offer no sympathy to the stupid...
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    hey you should hit me up on ncaa 07

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    Can't wait.  Come on already!  The same app works great on my phone.  Since I have an HBO package through Dish, it's linked to my phone app.  HBO-GO allows me to watch almost every single one of their shows they've ever had on my phone at anytime, not to mention all of the episodes.  Besides that they have a couple hundred choice movies you can watch.  Half of them are movies I wouldn't watch but there are some good ones.  If you reading this and live in a house that has HBO.  All you will have to do is enter your password in the app on the 360 and you're good to go.  This is what I did with my phone.  No extra money will be needed. 

    This coming to the 360 in not necessary, but it's welcome in my book.  It's a nice little touch.  Bravo.

    We're Alive.  It's like The Walking Dead, but in podcast form.  Also free.