Details for psn appreciation program

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    Free games is always welcome , Thanks Sony!

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    Thankfully both me and my brother have PSN accounts.

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    And i got 3 ps3's. Seriously.

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    Grabbing WipeOut and Dead Nation since I either own or owned the others at some point.

    Lets Go Buffalo!

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    i'm probably gonna get the same games. not a problem for me though, i enjoyed wipeout on psp and have been aching for a chance to pick up dead nation.

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    thanks for the link, i may try getting little big planet and infamous.



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    Getting Wipeout, don't know what else I'll get.

    Having issues with this forum on my gold tag, posting on this one for now.

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    Well it seems my money is actually going to pay off. I am glad I can get into some Socom. Socom > COD. I will be getting Infamous, and LBP. My freinds gonna let me borrow LBP2, so I should try the first one.