Fable 3 - Can't connect

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    I got Fable III from steam today and wanted to play right away...

    Start game: all ok... oh need to make a GFWL login.. ok. Do that.

    Login: Sign in and wait. type in product key. Enter... ... ... .... Check your cables etc etc unable to login to GFWL. WTF??

    Contact support... get a robot telling me to try again later.

    Ask a friend to use her computer to try and do it from there. Works fine. Just not on my computer... So I have a product key that has been added to my account from my friends computer but I still can't login from my computer.


    PS: I'm using Windows XP

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    Apparently I had to remove/disable all protections on my computer. And I mean everything. For over 30minutes of installing a GFWL update I was vulnerable to who knows what. So now I'm able to play and able to do a virus scan on my computer. I hope this does not mean that I have to disable all my firewalls and antivirus programs everytime I want to play because if it does mean that... ByeBye from me.

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    Im gonna recommend a antivirus software program for you. This program doesn't block GFWL, it is one of the best antivirus software programs out there and you don't have to pay for it. Avast antivirus software. Look it up. In the event you do have to stop all your av software everytime you log in i recommend getting avast.

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    Currently I can sign in with my antivirus running but I can't keep my firewall up at all. So I have to be very sure to not have any extra programs running or webpages open. Color me paranoid...

    I used Avast for a few years but for some reason unknown to me I've been unable to download the free version for the past year so I went with AVG instead. Also my firewall is Sygate.

    I'm thinking of updating to Win7 sometime during the summer so I hope all these problems with Fable will dissapear with the upgrade. Tho it seems to me that this is just one more way from Microsoft to get people to buy Win7 just to be able to play this game. Frankly would be easier to just not have Win XP as a working platform for the game. Just remove it totally and all these whinings and cursings would stop. But why remove a viable whine fest = buy fest option.

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    I've said it before and I will say it again. Bad talking microsoft in a microsoft forum is not a good thing to do. The reason microsoft keeps XP support is because XP is a fantastic operating system and A LOT of people still use it. It is not XPs fault or microsofts fault that your firewalls were stoping your game play.