Age of Empires Online Co-op Problem

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    I can't seem to launch a co-op quest. I form a party and launch the co-op quest, but after a few seconds it doesn't load and gives an error "Launching game host failed [129397248]. Then it says "Games for Windows - LIVE Connection Failed: (User1) could not connect to (User2)." User1 and User2 are the actual user names.

    Another time I tried running it with someone else and I got an error that the games were out of sync and my AOEO client crashed. 

    Help please.

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    Okay, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Also check the Age of Empires: Online throuble shooting FAQ here:


    Make sure that you are in one of the Live Supported Countries as, if you are not in a supported country, that may be the casue.


    If you try all of those things and it's still giving you those messages check this post:

    for some network and connection related troubleshooting.




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    I have the same problem, and none of your solutions were helpful.

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    Check this thread out, seems to be a known issue with AoE:O.



    Are you using the Steam version of the game?