GFWL hotfix install error

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    First I have XP SP3 OS, I know it's old, but so far it's worked. My issues is with the GFWL, especially with the GFWL hotfix KB938759. Which is need a trick to my Hungarian XP to even start the install. Just need a few registry editing and change geo settings to US. I repeat THAT SOLUTION WORKED FOR ME TWICE. But I reinstalled XP a week, then this trick doesn't work for the hotfix. The installer starts, but quits with this error messgae:

    Failed to migrate dependent packeges.

    I've searched the net, somewhere Iread there's an update/patch for that issue, that's why the installers fails. So far I can't find which patch is it.

    I installed the GFWL client via the web installer, so it must the newest version. Maybe that's the problem.

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    Hello GladFob4,


    The KB number that you list is for Windows Server 2003. There is a version of that hotfix for Windows XP here:

    Please try that and see if it works and post your results.



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    Yes, that's exactly the same hotfix what I've the name and the filesize are the same and still give me the same error messages. Here's a picture from it:


    I like to solve that problem. Honestly I can't figure why not working, because last years it worked, I think twice. On Xbox forums I found that:

    Maybe that's the source of my problems. Guess I will never found out anyway.

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    OK, since no ones gonna help me, I've tried figure out something. So far I found out that hotfix is already installed on my system. I don't know it cam with SP+ or the Windows Update, but it's on my system:


    Sadly I can't remove it, said it can't be found. It's a MS trademark I guees, it's there, it's been applied, but doesn't do anything. Can solved the GFWL client issue and I can't install/play even Microsoft Flight. I just wonder when or why is released on Update, since it's not support Hungarian language.

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    Yes, that's exactly the same hotfix what I've the name and the filesize are the same and still give me the same error messages.


    What exact error message is it giving you? Can you post the answers to the template located in this post: and reply with them here?

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    None of those problems I have. Read my first post please. I can't install the KB938759 hotfix for XP. Which means I can't install files larger then ~1 GB via GFWL client. Like BioShock 2 The Protector Trials or Microsoft Flight.

    When I try to install the hotfix gives me that message:

    Faild to migrate dependant packes.

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    Sorry, I can't give up since I can do nothing about my issue. I noticed there's to different error code. One from microsoft Flight and one from BioShock 2 The Protector Trails DLC. Both are larger then 1 GB, the smaller programs installs fine.

    Microsoft Flight error code: 8007000D

    BioShock 2 The Protector TrIals error code: 800B0003 (Expection from HRESULT: 0x800B0003)

    It's funny to reinstall my XP just because this one single hotfix. At least next time I nkow what I've to watch on Windows Update.