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Batman Arkham City - product code tied to my account isn't tied to my account

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I just got a new computer and installed Batman Arkham City.  I know that I used the product code the first time I installed it on my old computer, and associated it with my Games for Windows Live ID.  Now, when I go to play, it tells me the same code is associated with another ID.

I can't find anywhere on the site where it shows either my products or product codes, or any information about how to transfer any DRM (if that is what the issue is) for Windows games.

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    This is a known issue with Arkham City and you can get the key replaced; it's not an error on your end or an issue with GFWL.  Did you purchase the game through us or another retailer?  SInce you purchased it through a different vendor, you should contact them first for the replacement.  


    If these options don't work out for you, you can also contact the publisher, Warner Brothers.  They can also replace the key, though the retailer will be your most direct option.  You can reach them at (410) 568-3680 or by emailing them at

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    Since you had the game previously installed and were playing it, what may have happened is that you may have inadvertently tried it to a different account. You can try Calling Us here at customer support (1-877-274-4349 in the U.S. and Canada open 6:00am to 10:00pm PST) and seeing if we can find out any information about which account is tied to your key. Otherwise, you can try returning the game to the retailer and seeing if they will provide you with a replacement key.

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    I called customer support, and the code is not tied to my account, my wife's account, or to any account listed to any e-mail address that either of us owns.  

    I know this is tied to my main account because:

    A) It is my only account, and

    B) I played an installed it before my wife had an account.

    According to my profile, I started playing the game on 11/25/11.  According to CS, the code was redeemed on 12/18 (ish).  Since I need to have the code to play the game, then it couldn't have been used later than when I started playing.  There is something fishy going on, or there is a technical problem that is not being addressed.  There seems to be a rash of similar complaints on the Arkham City forums on the offical website, so it leads me to believe there is some sort of authentication issue which is not being acknowledged.  

    Currently, I am out $50 for a game that I bought a physical copy of, and cannot play, because of anti-piracy measures.

    Does this seem logical?

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    I bought the game at Target, I no longer have the receipt (it was months ago)

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    If you no longer have the receipt, then you should contact Warner Brothers for a replacement.  

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    I have the exact same issue. After reinstalling Windows the game says the key has been activated to a different account,  even though you can see I have been playing it by looking at the icon under my avatar. I got the game as a gift from a friend with the promotion for a free copy of Arkham CIty with the purchase of an Nvidia graphics card. Who should I contact?

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    I have been e-mailing back and forth with WB Support for a week, and they could not give me any help, as I had no receipt.

    If you have a physical copy of the game, I would suggest taking it to your local Wal-Mart or Target and telling them it does not work and you don't have a gift receipt, it was what I ended up having to do to get a working code.

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    This is the reply I received from WB games.


    In such case, I will have to ask you to contact Microsoft, as the issue appears to be with the GfWL client rather than the game itself.

    If you already have contacted Microsoft about this issue, and they directed you to us, please reply with your response so we can see why they think it is an issue with the game.

    Best Regards,

    Michael D.

    Warner Brothers Technical Support

    I called up microsoft and they said they need to escalate the issue and it could take 15-20 days for them to resolve the problem!

    I also contacted steam, which is the "retailer" in my case. If this issue isn't fixed I'll be extremely annoyed and will avoid GFWL titles in the future.

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    15-20 days to resolve their screew up? What a epic process.

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    It's because if this entire situation that I now refuse to buy any more GFWL tagged games.  

    It's not worth the trouble to play a game.

    No wonder people say PC gaming is dead, look at the work we have to put in to play a game