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Voice chat not working in Shadowrun

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I've recently picked up Shadowrun for the PC again, and find I can't hear any of my teammates in voice chat.  They also appear to never hear me.  However, my headset does work for recording a voice message to send to a friend.  I'm using a USB headset, separate from the sound card in the PC.  When I last played a year or two ago, it worked fine.

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot and fix this?  All the info I keep finding is related only to voice chat on an XBox.

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    An update to GFWL and XBL botched the cross-platform voice codecs. You can only hear people on your platform now.

  • It won't be fixed unfotunately.  We've been through this in a number of threads now.


    Wedge The Jedi

    For those who don't know me I have been a long time member of the GFWL team and worked on the release when we updated the voice codec.


    It is unfortunate that this happened to the 3 Cross-Platform enabled games at the time, however because the Xbox 360 was updating their voice codec the voice codec was required to be updated in GFWL as well.  Otherwise you would not have been able to do any voice messaging or private chat between the two platforms.  Since the Xbox 360 versions of the game are built differently than GFWL, they have the voice codec hard coded into the game (GFWL games get the codec from the installed version of GFWL).  For the issue in Shadowrun to be fixed would require a Title Update to the xbox 360 version of Shadworun so that it is upgraded to use the new codec in-game.


    We made this public knowledge when we released the new version late last year that had the updated voice codec:

    The link no longer works, but I did manage to copy it in this reply to the above post:


    Wedge The Jedi
    • Voice Codec Upgrade
    • Known Issue:  Because previously released Xbox 360 games do not use the new codec automatically, in-game chat with previously release cross-platform games will not work. Titles affected are Shadowrun, Universe at War, Lost Plant: Colonies Edition, and Blazeblue.  GFWL players will hear nothing if Xbox player talks, Xbox players will hear static if PC player talks while in those games.  Fixing this issue requires Title Updates for the Xbox 360 versions of the affected titles. Publishers can choose to issue these at their discretion.



    Okay, I remember this post.  And it is pretty self-explanatory; BUT because Shadowrun's FASA was closed BY Microsoft, the players of the game are justifiably concerned and distraught.  Since there is not a studio left to do the fix.


    All we want to know is would Microsft be willing to do the fix themselves or outsource it OR allow the technical information to be publicly released so that perhaps the community could fix it themselves.


    I feel I already know the answer by the way the question keeps being evaded.  That's fine, I can live with that, BUT a straight forward response to the concerns of Shadowrun as opposed to the other Cross-Platform games (which DO still have studios behind them) could be answered.


    How about another perspective of the same question; since Microsoft has acquired Skype, is it going to be implemented into the Xbox system, and if so, would we be able to communicate cross-platform this way?

    I wish it weren't so, but I'm afraid it is.  Truth be told, it's not a fault on the PC side, but rather an inabliity on the Xbox's hardware to decode properly.  In order to fix this for future games, the first LIVE games on PC had to be "broken", acceptable loss if you will.  Maybe to them, but certainly not to us.

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    Thats unfortunate.  Hopefully they will fix it in time, being that the same company makes both platforms.

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    Heh, we've been hoping for that for at least a year or two now. The best thing to do is just add any PC player you can, and play with them as much as possible.

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    I wonder who we can contact beyond first level support to get this addressed.  Is it only in game chat that is impacted, or is the ability to voice chat to others on Live not in a game also broken?  Haven't had a friend on with a headset to test this yet.

    I pinged a few twitter users about it (Microsoft, XBox, XBoxSupport and GFWL). Being that all these products are under the Microsoft brand, it should be a simple enough thing to fix with some cross group work.

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    Had a quick response form @XBoxSupport , initially pointing me to the forums in a different area to suggest a new feature.  After clarifying it's to fix an old one, they indicated it might not be supported.  But it wasn't clear, so some escalation might help to either get the problem addressed, or a KB article created indicating the feature is no longer supported.

    Having the KB article would have saved me a bit of time when I was troubleshooting what I thought was a problem on my end.

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    Good to know a developer responded, and the "hard coded" aspect makes me think the codec is built in as part of the XBox SDK developers use (just a guess).  The update required would be one involving recompiling Shadowrun for the 360 against a newer SDK then pushing out the update.  Understandably difficult when the developers and studio are long gone.

    I do have to wonder though why Games for Windows Live can't step back to using the older codec when it recognizes Shadowrun (or the other titles) are being played.  Sadly it's probably a numbers game, where Wedge The Jedi can't justify the time needed to implement the fallback, have it tested, and deployed on the PC side.  Just not enough users to really make it worth while.  Which sadly turns into a vicious cycle where there are less users due to missing the ability to communicate.