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Games for Windows Marketplace or Client Crashes at Startup or Does not come up, in game

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This thread  gives instructions on un-installing and re-installing the components related to Games for Windows Live on your computer. You should try these steps if:


- You try to start the Games for Windows Marketplace and it immediately crashes (especially if it gives you a message about it crashing)

- If it closes without giving you any messages at all AND you cannot sign into any Games for Windows Live games

- If you cannot access the Games for Windows Live overlay from in game (pressing the Home key does nothing)


Those are the three most common reasons that may mean there is an issue with one of the programs or services that the Marketplace or the Client depends on.  If You are not able to start the marketplace or the service it may be that one of those programs was not installed correctly or that a older version might be installed.


This should only be done if NOTHING else you've tried has worked.

So here is a quick guide to un-installing and re-installing the required programs.


To start we need to remove any programs that use, conflict or depend on the GFWL system or services so un-install:


* the Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE redistributable and Marketplace


* the Bing bar


* Windows Live Essentials (including Windows Live Messenger)


* Microsoft Silverlight


* the Windows Live ID sign-in assistant (this may be missing from the add/remove programs list)


* any Microsoft .NET frameworks

Then restart your computer.



Next we need to re-install everything in order.


1st - Install Microsoft .NET framework depending on your version of windows.

Windows 8 - should already have the .NET framework needed installed

Windows 7 - .NET 4.0: Windows 7 should only need 4.0 and this should install client profile

Windows XP or Vista - .NET 3.5:  after it installs you should also install

- .NET 4.0 Client Profile

After it installs, run windows update to update your computer with any important updates. Then restart your computer and run windows update again.


2nd - Windows XP, Vista, 7 - Install the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant:

  Windows 8 - install Windows LIVE Essentials 


3rd - Install Microsoft Silverlight:


4th - Install the Games for Windows Marketplace:

After this installs, try to sign into the Marketplace client and see if it gives you an error. If it does give you a message, stop and post the error message. and we will work from there. If you can sign into the marketplace client go ahead and;


5th - Install a one of the Games for Windows - Live games and try to sign-in and see if it says anything.




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