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*Resolved* - Cannot connect to Games for Windows LIVE in game

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*Update* Tuesday 2/12/13

We have received word that the issue has been resolved and that all users should once again be able to connect within their games. If you are still having issues please, try the commands listed below and attempt to sign in again. If you are still unable to connect please call us and we will work with you to get you signed in.


Thank you for your patience and understanding over the past few days.

*Update* Monday 2/11/13

Users are still experiencing this issue, there has been some progress; the Games for Windows Marketplace should now be correctly showing the Games Activation Keys and Live Access Codes.


We are still looking into the connection issues with various games.

Some users are reporting success by running the following four commands in an admininstrator command prompt (right click on the command propt and select run as administrator)

 - bitsadmin /reset

 - ipconfig /flushdns

 - netsh int ip reset

 - netsh winsock reset


then restarting their computers, starting their game up and selecting "Sign-in with another account" and re-entering their log-in information.


This is not working for everyone and we are looking into a complete resolution for all of our users.


Starting from last night - some of our users are experiencing an issue connecting, in game, to games that they have previously had no issues with. We are aware of this issue and are looking into what is causing it and for a resolution.


Users may notice

- Cannot connect on their account on a game that worked previously

- Other users can use their account on the same PC without issues

- In the Games for Windows Marketplace, under view game keys may be getting "An unknown error has occurred."


As stated we are aware of this issue and are looking into what is causing it and for a resolution.


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    I can sign into my profile in game, but it won't connect to live and says I have a connection error. I know my internet connection is just fine. Is this part of that issue?

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    Same here.Cannot connect to live the whole day.Until yeterday I didnt have any problems with GFWL (I know its mind boggling :P) and now this.Hope you guys will find out what's causing this problem,cause I dont want to loose 8 games because of some gfwl error...

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    In the event monitor Im getting an error message 0x80151909, trying to connect in game to Dark Souls.  I can sign in to market place just fine.

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    i got the same 0x8015909 error, worked fine 2 days ago, then last night it wasn't connecting and today also.

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    Any updates yet having a lot of people on the ambassabank reporting these issues so directing them to here for now?

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    Same thing here, yesterday was able to log into dead rising 2, today could not play bulletstorm at all. kept getting an error claiming i was not able to log in due to firewall was blocking or network was not connected to internet... obviously thats incorrect or i'd not be posting this here.

    contacted ambassador services and was lead here. just adding myself to the list of people having the issues. would like very much to connect to GFWL soon :3

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    Me and my friend are having much the same issues, can connect with profile but not to Live for GFWL, was working fine a few days ago.

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    Everything was working just fine yesterday, but sometime at midday everything stopped, can't signin into any game that uses GFWL, please fix it T_T

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    since this morning I can't connect to AoE Online. Account appears "offline"

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    any updates?  Can't get on GFWL for Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012.  Bought the game via Steam.

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    20$ for a game.. hour to download... then find out i cant even fully install it.... *claps in amazement*

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    Same issue here. I go to play Dark Souls and it will sign into my profile in offline mode.

    It says the live service may be unavailable or there may be a problem with my home networking equipment or firewall, but I can connect to the internet just fine and play other games not on gfwl online.

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    Christ, how does a game developer get swindled into pairing with GFWL these days?

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    anyone have know how long this might be lasting??

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    Found a fix (or at least a workaround) in another forum. Delete your GFWL profile and exit the game. Start it back up and log in to existing account. It will take 30-40 seconds to download your profile, then you should be good to go.