F1 2011 massive connection failure with GfWL

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    Game F1-2011 from Codemaster.

    This mail goes to GfWL Support and Codemasters Support


    Dear GfWL Team,

    We write you in the name of the biggest german F1 2011 Community (www.f1-2011-forum.de). We offer and operate driving-leagues for all platforms (XBox, PS3 und PC), in which drivers compete in 100% distance races against each other. To give you an impression of our size, it could be said, that in the PC-Segment of our leagues alone, we have currently about 150 active drivers.

    Unfortunately, since the middle of December, we are facing massive connection failure with GfWL, so driving our races has become nearly impossible.
    Players are being disconnected from GfWL randomly and without any explainable reason. This happens frequently to all PC-players, regardless how fast their system or their internet-connection is.
    As a result of that, we are not able to maintain the driving in our leagues anymore.
    Even in 20%-races, (duration about 20-25min), racing meanwhile is nearly impossible, because of these frequently occurring connection-errors.

    Since such a big number of players are all facing the same problems, it is obvious, that it is not an individual problem of the single user. Especially since the frequency of the connection-errors increased massively during the last weeks, even though no changes had been made by the players themselves.

    As you know, we have no legal possibilities to run the game online, without using GfWL. So we are asking you kindly, to attempt to these problems. We are aware, that two different companies - GfWL / Microsoft and Codemasters - are involved, and that this may complicate the solution of the problems. Nevertheless we beg you urgently, to have a look at these issues together and try to find a solution, that is satisfying to your customers!

    If you need any further technical information, support or testing from us, we would be glad to help you!

    We thank you for your interest in our concerns and look forward to a constructive and qualified feedback from your side!


    the f1-2010-forum.de community

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    As a starting point, we would suggest having a few of your members to try forwarding GFWL's ports.  The ports GFWL needs to have open are located in this document. 


    It would also be extremely useful to run the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool and take note of any test results that are not run or not supported.  You will need to use Internet Explorer to run this test.


    You can also contact European GFWL support using the information on this page.  If there is an issue with the servers used F1 in the EU, they would have more insight into this.   The steps listed above would also help the team with further troubleshooting.


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    Sorry, this is a typical support answer.

    …. The ports GFWL needs to have open are located in this document.

    …. You can also contact European GFWL support using the information on this page.

    Two of your links are not working. Please update your knowledge database.

    As we know already now from feedback is this not a user problem, looks like an European GFWL problem.  UK, Germany and Spain has the same problem to connect.

    I don’t understand why I have to inform your European GfWL support, but OK I will do it. Please provide a proper contact to the European GFWL support .

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    Sorry about that,

    The GFWL port list page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937424


    The European GFWL support page can be located here: http://support.xbox.com/contact-us


    I've also edited the previous post to correct the page links.




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    please see community.codemasters.com/.../478945-online-gfwl-connectivity-issues-pc.html

    I think there are already enough information from around the world to act on.

    And it looks like this is not only Europe. Tomorrow 15.01.2011 18 o'clock CET we try to race again

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    GFWL Support

    As a starting point, we would suggest having a few of your members to try forwarding GFWL's ports.  The ports GFWL needs to have open are located in this document. 


    Since GFWL service uses UPnP, ports do not have to be forwarded.


    Just make sure that UPnP services are running on both the PC and the Router.  If the Router/Gateway does not support UPnP, THEN forward the ports on the router/gateway device.

    As always, Play Safe!

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    We try on Sunday 15.1.2012 18:00 CET again our German league race (60 driver).
    The beginning was again a disaster. Same as in the past weeks. GFWL disconnect and we could not come together.
    We keep trying it for at least 45 min.

    Someone get then the idea to reduce the traffic on GFWL
    Option A is to delete all the friends in the friends list.
    The friend list is always checking the status of the friends and distribute it to all. This cost traffic.
    A group deleted all friends from the list and it works out. On GFWL disconnect they lost “only” two driver in the 100% race.

    Option B, only the host of the race do the inviting to the driver of the closed driver group.
    Normally we invite crosswise and this cost traffic.
    Same in this case, they finish the 100% race without losing anybody on GFWL issue.

    We don’t know if this is just luck or real a problem solver. When we finaly start the race, half of the driver fed up and go already.

    But it looks like GFWL can’t handle to much traffic.

    Please try and give feedback.

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    Hi Justafchen,

    Was the racing for a full grid of 16 Players?

    We have had the same issues in our league and would also like to get this resolved, we do plan to test this and I will inform you if this worked for us or not....

    THX for the input.