XBox live connection won't connect

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    Connected today (12/7/2011) and was watching ESPN live College Basketball game.

    Console crashed.

    Upon restart, system asked for an update.


    Upon update and restart, would not allow connection to XBox Live (internet connection is ok, system ok-tried Ethernet and Wireless plus I am sending this message through the same Internet connection - Comcast)..

    Came here on my laptop

    Logged into my Live account.

    Asked to accept new Terms of service agreement. Got the following error:

    date:12/7/2011 4:56:00 AM code:EEEEEEEE80150101 s: RZCQ5XF07VBUJ4UMHn0ZPA== id: 9762a57d-993e-4d29-8a5f-0d7c4d69d0aa req: e501f4dc-ba1d-411d-b3c4-65f08d0424ee

    I paid $100 for a year Family GOLD account just last month, so I need to know what's going on...


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    What happens when you login to the parent accounts on It should prompt for TOS acceptance.

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    same problem here.  I can't seem to get around it.