Error (LF008) for Age of Empires Online

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    "Age of Empires Online requires the online safety settings be in place: online gameplay allowed and friends only or everyone communication. Please go to xbox.com to update your online safety settings. (LF008)"

    How do i go about finding these updates? All i can find on this website is settings for my Xbox 360. Any links or comments would help.

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    I am getting the same error :(

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    I had the same issue and found this:


    I changed "Text and Voice" (on xbox.com) to "Friends Only" and it let me in OK.

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    "I changed "Text and Voice" (on xbox.com) to "Friends Only" and it let me in OK."

    that fixed it here as well

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    In my opion it is unacceptable to have a message box with a vague message + error code.

    If the development team of this game thinks its acceptable to ask its customers to lookup an error code, change settings on a site for it to work, then this game isn't  worth playing. - Customers doesn't pay you to fix your problems!

    I've spent +10 min trying to locate the exact settings the message (LF008) is refering to. In general its just a bad user experience and regardless of how good the game is its not worth the trouble.

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    This is what I've done to resolve this (rediculous problem):

    1. Go to the xbox.com

    2. Find (My Account, should be under your name (top right of the page))

    3. Go to Privacy and Online Settings (somewhere at the bottom of the crowded page)

    4. Change the following in the list:

    Voice and Text (change setting anything so that its not blocked)

    Online Status (Not exactly sure if this is needed)

    5 Restart the game

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    I agree with SigmaWoody, this is terrible user experience...

    1. The error message IS vague

    2. I cannot find an option on live.xbox.com to change the language (for me it is not English)

    3. The game, on the other hand, reports the vague error message in English

    4. You DO need the online status enabled

    5. The game does NOT tell you to restart... (but you need to)

    BTW, you cannot turn off (or down) the music until you resolve your online status preferences... ridiculous


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    Classical example of bad Microsoft software. Vauge error codes, and **** reasons for doing things that doesn't make sense.

    Why the hell couldn't they just have a box saying "Well we need this, and this and this, click here and we will do it now" and let one proceed with the game? Nope. You have to CTRL-ALT-DELETE out of the game, go search on Google for the answer, find this forum, change some random settings on XBOX.com (I didn't even know my Windows Live ID were linked to that as I don't own an XBOX?), then tab back into the program. close it down, and restart it.

    And now we will see if that even works.

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    Well said ^ Having this issue now as well. It's March 2013 and OP was August 2011. I wonder if anyone from Microsoft even reads these issues let alone act on them.

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    Same issue and it's July 2013!!! Another reason why I won't buy XBONE