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    Murder 3 Movie download free



    One step ahead of Murder 2 (2011), Murder 3 is the latest sequel of this film. Mukesh, the Producer along with tallented director Vishesh made this film under Vishesh Films. This great phenomenon is coming on hall on15th February of 2013.


    This third step of Murder also has a spanish languaged thriller, that has been remade and launched already officially, Named - The Hidden Face, Mahesh Bhatt expressed his enthausiasm for getting the rights of this movie. He also revealed his comment of about the franchise of Murder series.


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    Murder 3 Hindi Movie download free


    Synopsis of Murder 3: Vikram is the hip hop modern type of photographer and he is in love along with a girl, Nisha. To make hier satisfy, he leaves all of his present life. He quit his present station with Nisha. They goes to Vikrams old heritage. That is outside of the town. 

    His childhood village is like a heaven in world. He used to stay there for a long time ago. The village scenery is so enchanting that nobody can even imagine. But over there Vikrams big but non avoidable circumstances, and that is waiting for them. Quickly Nisha reveals this bad secret of him. That is about Vikrams previous lover, Roshni, who is lost still now.

    Murder 3 Movie free download

    Some another persons are helping Vikram to find Roshni, She somehow mystically lost away since a several days ago.


    The Core of Murder 3 Hindi Film: 
    Director: Vishesh Bhatt Stars: Randeep Hooda, Aditi Rao Hydari, Sara Loren Websites Official: Facebook Origin: India Speech: Hindi Date of Release: 14 February, 2013 (US), 15 February, 2013 (India),  Shooting Place: Cape Town, South Africa and Goa, India Distributed: Fox Star Studio Budget of Box Office: Indian Rupee 250,000,000 (Approximate) Music: Pritam Distributtion: Fox Star Studios.


    Murder 3 film maker had a plan that he will keep the actor Emraan Hashmi on this movie. As Randeep played in the leading role and that is with the replace of Hashmi. Somehow, Aditi Rao finallzed Mona Lizza, as leading actress.


    So Pakistani actress Mona Lizza has played here as the 2nd female leading place. Thus how the film Murder 3 have a hero and two heroines. 

    murder 3 full movie download free

    Shooting took place on In Cape Town of South Africa & Goa in India. Murder 3 has some controversy. In 1983's thriller Arth hi. After thirty years later Murder 3 has become a misguided affection behind the curtaing of love. So the questions comes about the existence is there any true love in our mind still now now a days full of crime world.

     The fantastic soundtracker is Pritam. Llyrics is penned with cordial hearty coordinaion of fo Sayeed. Audio releaser Sony Music, India, the stunning quality audio with its superb Viedo format.  On 7 January  of 2013 the song - Teri Jhuki Nazar. is released and the another one is  - Mat Aazma Re is written and music played by KK, Thas was in our hand on 15th January of 2013. And the final 3rd rest song- Jaata Hai Tujh Tak by Nikhil D Souza that has been on 22nd January of 2013. 


    So what can I say now? I expressed above in short about the movie status in short. I hope you will inderstand me. Everybody goes to hall destroying their hardly earned money. But whereas the M...!!!!!!!

     I hope as I stated above about the film story, you will must enjoy and watch Murder 3 movie online. If you miss thats your choice.

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