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    Today we are announcing that Galactic Reign will no longer be available for download from the Windows Store after August 15thand of the permanent shut down of Galactic Reign and its servers effective December 31, 2013. The forums will remain available until the end of the year, so that players can still communicate and exchange contacts. We will also continue support the Facebook and Twitter channels from now until server closure.

    We are proud of the game we created and are thankful to our passionate community.  We hope you have gotten many hours of enjoyment out Galactic Reign and will continue to do so until the end of this year. 



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    Could at least have given us a less offensive "why". I could go on with an honest "Unfortunatelly our business model didn't turn out as expected", but that "Ok, thanks for participating on our nice little experiment, and we're taking your money with us" is absolutelly offensive.

    As a matter of fact, the reason given is almost as offensive as shutting the whole thing down in less than a year.

    Never buying another game this team sells.

    Thanks for all the fun.

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    WHY????? Unbelievable that is the new world of apps... Could you at least leave the server online to play it without the videos? That shouldn't be much capacity...

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    Does this effect the Windows Phone version?

    Peace, Love and Games

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    This is infuriating. I can clearly see the upcoming Xbox One cloud processing for games continuing on what was started with Galactic Reign. As Fozzimus said, the "Why?" is offensive. This is yet another example of not being able to trust Microsoft. Getting hung out to dry so quickly is ridiculous.

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    I can't believe what I'm reading. Within six months of launch the game gets cancelled?!?

    It's the best turn based strategy game in the store! It has a huge online potential.

    The only thing the game needs to build a community fast is a chartroom within the game.

    D*mn*d! Finally I've found a game I totally like... and it gets cancelled :/

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    So any refunds in the future for those of us who did participate in this "little experiment"?

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    As much as I enjoyed this game, this disgusts me.

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    Oh god, I've only got a few months to figure out a way to take a game off PristineNinja

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    @Gennen, LOL let the games begin.

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    @MicrosoftStudios This is absolutely brutal - you should be embarrassed - As a Microsoft partner I continually try to promote your products and used this game as a shining example of the future of cloud gaming... encouraging them to jump platforms and..... you take it away without being hones to ust why.... thats pathetic!!!!!!!!!

    haha @Gennen! I can retire in peace after getting one myself - I don't think many others will get there before the end date!

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    Shutting down the servers so shortly after the games was realeased is an insult. The reason you gave in your FAQ for doing that is also insulting. Come on, just go ahead and tell us what is the real deal. I would be slightly less offended (but still surprised) if you told us that you simply did not have the money to go on. By the way, I don't think we can expect a refund, right? I am very upset that you apparently failed to create a business model that would sustain the game you created for more than a few months. Do not expect to see me spending my money in any of your future projects. Shutting down the game with a "well because yes" explanation betrayed the trust that we all had in you. And I am also surprised that Microsoft simply will shut down (or allow you guys to do it) those servers. Cloud gaming is one of the selling points of Xbox One and shutting down a game that uses that feature makes me very afraid of investing in any game using the Cloud. It migh be shut down at any moment.

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    Darn, I will hugely miss this game.

    I'm so used to this:

    • I used iGoogle as a home page for years... shutdown.
    • I loved Google reader... shutdown.
    • I love Galactic Reign...shutdown.  
    • I hate Facebook... thriving.
    • I rarely tweet... thriving.
    • I think I'm abnormal. I feel a complex coming on.

    Seriously though, in all reality, I've derived more value out of the 5 bucks I spent on this game than many other forms of entertainment (like going to the movies for $20 bucks a pop) so I think I've already come out ahead on this deal. So no hard feelings.

    Thanks for the great game MS.