microsoft daily challenge card games

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    When I open Microsoft Daily Challenge card games on my windows 8 apps I get the message "not signed in"if I click on that I get the message "A connection to x box could not be established Please check your internet connection and try again"if I then click on the game itself I get the message "Daily challenges require x box"and underneath it says "Please check your internet connection & confirm you are signed in to x box to play daily challenges"I have had a live chat with Microsoft support and on their suggestion uninstalled and reinstalled Microsoft Solitaire collection without success they also said its 3rd party software also communicated with support and they gave me your link to post my problem.A search on Google didn't help either.Just to dispel any confusion I do not have an x box consol but want to play Daily Challenges card games as I did previously.I am also very surprised Microsoft pointed me to you as its a Microsoft App.I don't know where to look next also in not sure if a factory reset will fix this problem,which I don't really to do as its a time consuming task.Allan

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    Have you ever received a response to this question?  I am having the same problem.  My problem is with Microsoft Mahjong and Microsoft Solitaire.  Worked find for over a couple a weeks and then started giving me this error today.  Microsoft Minesweeper is currently still working.  My internet connection is fine.

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    Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the problem. This may be an error that we already fixed, and is only affecting older versions of the game. Can you please check to see if there is an update for your version of the game? Here's how:

    Go to the Windows 8 start screen by pressing the windows key on your keyboard, or pressing the windows button on your tablet.

    Tap the green Store tile. If you can't find it, you can type the word "Store" on your keyboard to bring it up.

    In the Store, tap the green text in the upper-right corner that says "Updates". This appears whenever any of your apps have updates available. If you don't see it there, all of your apps (including this one) are already up-to-date.

    On the App updates screen, tap "install" at the bottom to install all of your available updates. If the game appears in the list, then there is an update for the game available, and you'll need to tap this game's update listing to get it.

    We also have an update planned for late March/early April to address some new issues, so keep an eye out for that update too. Thanks for playing!