Paid for game, didn't receive game ...

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    I tried to buy the angry birds app for my windows 8 phone (5 times)  today. I followed all the steps and the game is still not on my phone even though payment was taken from my credit card ... 5 TIMES. So, I have paid over $5.00 for the angry birds app and it still isn't on my phone ... someone please help!!! 

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    first you need to check that the game is not all ready in your apps list or game hub. if its still not there, check you have enough memory space on your phone. if the game is larger than 50 megabytes you will need WiFi connection to download the game. if need be try to re install using the WiFi. if these steps do not work then try to install the game through your windows phone account, follow the instructions that you are given, it should be sent straight to your phone.