100 friends (Friends List Full)

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    I know a few people that are in clans of 60ish people. That'll eat up your friends list in a hurry. I don't know how they manange to find room for anti-clan people like me on their list.

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    I've never been forced to delete someone, the most friends I've ever had is 75, and I barely play with most of them. One hundred friends is plenty.


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    once they move it to 200 friends its just a matter of time before someone complains 200 isn't enough.


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    once they move it to 200 friends its just a matter of time before someone complains 200 isn't enough.

    That's why I said "unlimited".  Cool

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    Although I totally agree with you, and will never understand the importance of having more than 100, just let these guys have the feature, it won't affect us any. It's not we are talking about mice and keyboards on our console. That would effect anyone who plays fps games! I'm all for preference as long as it doesn't affect me. Unlike the mouse and kb debate on consoles which does.

    On a side note, I don't know anyone in the real world that plays with more then about a half dozen or so people on XBL on a regular basis.

    PS3 = HDD that failed on me 4 times, 8x slower download speeds then 360, inferior multiplats to this day,  no cross game chat or party system, same archaic controller for nearly 16 years, Still no Unified online interface.  [N]

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    Seriously? 100 friend is not enough. It's not about a popularity contest. Do the math...

    Let's say you play 5 games regularly that require teams - NHL, FIFA, Madden, Black Ops, Battlefield - Pretty easy to do off the top my head. Now let's say that a hockey fan isn't interested in Football, Soccer or FPS's or they simply don't own the game. So that's 20 friends for each of the games. Now let's consider life - not everybody is online at once. Let's say that only half of the 20 are online at one time. That leaves a pool of 10 people online. Now consider that half of those may be playing other games that I don't own. That leaves 5, now consider that half of those might be playing with other teams. Wow. My 6-player team in Black Ops is down to 2-3 or maybe 4, if I'm lucky.  

    Xbox Live is becoming a social network - We need more than 100 people in our network to effectively play the games that are being developed!

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    I agree. I go through my friends list once every 30 days. If I haven't played a game with someone in that time frame I remove them. Family and real life friends excluded of course. The only thing MS needs to do with the friends list is let us add tags or categories to put those people into such as:


    -real life friends

    -forum friends

    -frequent friends


    Gizmo 1800N

    Toad 004

    You really have 100 friends? 100 people you talk with and game with on a regular basis?


    Only people that meet the above stay on my list. As a result, I've never made it to 10. 100 is way to many. We do have a "preferred player" option, and that has no limit. Good enough.


    At least some know what a friends list is


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    I think that 100 friends is more than enough. I mean seriously, how often do you play with the people on your friendslist? You can't possibly be playing with all 100 of them on a regular basis.

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    I can see them going to 200, but scrolling through like 500 friends would be a pain just to invite a friend.

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    There was a rumor last year it was going to be increased but so far, it's still a rumor.  I wish it was unlimited.   

    I iwsh it was too.

    Don't make this any harder than it needs to be.

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    I wish the friends list was increased. wish it was at least 200. Or even unlimited that would be quite cool

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    add them on facebook or twitter

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    ya to all of you who say 100 isnt enough..ur lieing and u just dont realize it...i consistently have 100 friends on my list and no more than 30 on at a time...holidays usauly have around 50..but still there are only a select few i play with and the others are just there as back ups or if im trying to start up a private match or just get really bored...then there are those few that even  though they have been online in like 2 years i just cant delete because of all the good times we had....but still 100 friends is plenty

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    Some people, like me, who are in clan or communities are constantly hitting our limit on our FL. The community that i'm a part of has upwards of 3000+ members. We have a website where we have updates and stuff but I can't always access my computer. I try to have all or most of the higher-ups added so I can stay up-to-date with everything going on and sometimes I run into people I enjoy playing with and I have to delete someone else. On top of that, I have about 20-30 Real-life friends that I have.

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    I like it go up too. becoues I want friends. Alot of friends. the more the marryer it gets.