Send games as a gift?

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    Well why not. It works pretty good for Steam. I would love to see that function on Xbox Live. Well i bought my games from the Game marketplace. Expensive yes. But if you have the money and are just as lazy as i am it seems like a great deal. 


    Also it would be nice to see the function to return the game and get your money back. After a game is purchased and downloaded. You cant get your money back from it. What i think is, If you dont have started the game up after finishing download, then you would be able to return it. Ive notcied that an achievements list dont pop up before you start the game.


    So it would be like if you break the packaging on a bought game, you wont be able to return it. But if its intact you can get return it and get your money back

    Whats your opinion.


    Btw Excuse my english.

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    Once a game is downloaded and the License is on your Xbox how would you return it? Now you expect Microsoft to take my word for it I deleted the game and purchased Borderlands GOTY edition for the DLC which happens to have the game disk.

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    This feature would greatly increase the amount of peopel trying to steal players details all they would have to do is get their details and then just send the games to their accounts...

    It works for steam but i really wouldn't suggest it for the xbox :P

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    My friends birthday is coming up, and I wanted to send him a game, but apparently, xbox thinks that content shouldn't be transferred between accounts. :(

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    Why not just buy him a points code or a physical copy of the game if one exists?

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    sadly this is where steam beats xbox by a mile, being able to buy someone a game should have been added many moons ago,  microsoft,  pay attention to topics like this, :)

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    Just buy him a points code!  Then he can buy his own game!



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    If it's an arcade game you wish to buy someone, I know that some companies (here in UK at least) are starting to sell arcade games as cards you can buy in your local store. You can then give it to someone to use the code to download the game.

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    This sound like a good idea. If MS want to beat Steam in the PC side. It need to do what they r doing. And make it even better.  Extined the amount you can on the friend lest.

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    I would love to gift games to my friends. please take my reply to this thread as a vote in favor of being able to gift games to friends!

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    Buy him points sound pretty good!

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    how about the ability to send a friend M$ points over live? One time my friend was short a few points for a map pack and didnt have the money to go out and buy some.  It would be nice to send him those few points and then in a couple days he could send some them back to me.

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    Yes I am in the same predicament. All I want to do is "gift" someone 240msp for an Indie game, and I cannot. :(

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    I was looking to actually gift someone an arcade game today. I can't buy and give a card because of distance. So, that's how it will be.

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    Gifting is a bad idea please don't give phishers more reasons to steal accounts

    And it would force ms to lock other accounts if ms points were sent to them

    That would be logistically a nightmare

    Any account used to sale or theft of a gamertag can be console baned marketplace theft

    First and foremost gifting ms points and games does not work for 2 reasons

    First the region of the account must match on both the gifted and gifter

    Due to requirements of ms points and the availability of the game

    Remeber not all games are available in every region

    If distance is an issue why not goto amazon or give the code over a MSG If they are from a completely different region the code will not work