Casual Adult Gaming Community - 360° Fahrenheit

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    • Community Name:
      360° Fahrenheit Gaming Community


    • Community Age Group:
      Must be 18 or older.  The older the better.  Yes



    • Games We Play:
      Any game you want to play.  Big Smile  Recruit a friend (or posse) any day of the week in the Co-op, Friends & Challenges board.  A great resource for achievement hunting, or simply to find a helping hand.

      Play with everyone during our official Community Game Night, hosted every Friday.  Game choices are democratically selected by community members through a majority vote.  Popular game choices include
      • Battlefield (series)
      • Duke Nukem (series)
      • Full House Poker
      • Gears of War (series)
      • Halo (series)
      • Hydro Thunder Hurricane
      • Marvel vs. Capcom (series)
      • ... and more!


    • Community Ranking / Skill Requirements (if you have any):
      All skill levels are welcome.  Members are not judged or discriminated by gaming prowess.  Skilled members enjoy helping others.


    • Community Rules (if any):
      Respect for others and respect for yourself.  360° Fahrenheit is a "SFW" (safe-for-work) community website.  For more info, visit our FAQ.


    • Why Should I Join 360° Fahrenheit?:
      360° Fahrenheit is an international, English-speaking community (UK, US, Canada, Ireland, etc.) created as a home for adult gamers to play friendly, non-competitive matches for fun and stress relief.  Many members have families, full-time jobs, and various 'real-life' responsibilties making it increasingly difficult to find time to play.  360° Fahrenheit serves as a means to connect with other adult gamers in need of a safe and friendly gaming outlet.


    • How do I Join 360° Fahrenheit?:
      Simply register at  We look forward to gaming with you. 


    Casual Adult Gaming Community

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    Halo: Reach is tonight's top pick.  The fun starts at 9:30 GMT / 4:30 EST.  Big Smile

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    Gears of War 2 won the vote for tonight's Community Game Night.  I look forward to being killed ... a lot.


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    Great fun playing Gears last night,  Been a while since I've played it.. Just wish Gears 3 would hurry up and come out. lol
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    Voting open for this Friday's game night, Don't miss out on the fun. Come and take a look to see if there is anything you would like to play.
    • Level   5 is experiencing very slow loading due to server maintenance.  Everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.  Yes

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    Red Dead Redemption and Halo: Reach are now tied for tomorrow's Community Game Night vote.  Anyone want to break that tie?  Smile


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    Quadruple XP for the weekend - Red Dead Redemption FTW x4! Looking forward to it. Smile

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    The Halo portion of the Friday night game night was awesome.  Thanks for the great matches everyone.

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    Last night was great fun. The community split into 2 groups playing Reach and Red Dead Redemption then merging into 1 group for Reach.

    Special mention to Kini, who was on fire last night.
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    Awesome Halo games last night, especially griffball

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    A neat surprise is in the works for the site, but in the meantime there's going to be some technical difficulties.  I'll update this thread once everything is sorted.                      

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    anyone have a clue what Neato has up his sleeve ...

    and how long the site will be down for i need the site to keep me entertained wile im on break at work

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    Not exactly sure, bu whatever it is, I bet it'll be deviously good. No pressure Neato! YesWink

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    I'd have prefered a warning...can't handle the lack of forums 'cold-turkey' style...Indifferent

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