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new gamertag ideas

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i'm pretty tired of my current gamertag so i've been trying to come up with a new one. i was thinking about using HelloSweetie (it's a doctor who reference) but i'm not sure.

if not, then i want it to have at least one of the following words in it: star, nova, dream, onyx, indigo, dragon, pagagon or rainbow. i definitely don't want it to have any extra 'x's but extra numbers are ok. my username for some other places is fatqueernerd but i don't think xbl will let me use that.

so if any one has any suggestions or ideas, i'd appreciate it.  :)

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    Well HelloSweetie is unfortunately taken as Hello Sweetie, LIVE ignores spaces so sees both as the same thing, so that one is out.


    Perhaps a variant such as He11o Sweetie would be okay since you don't mind numbers being in there.

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    I like RainBowDragon or StarDreamer.HelloSweetie is pretty neat. RainbowDragon sound neato I might steal that one ;)

    Hope this helps! Happy gaming!

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    Anything really will do, but make it unique, DragonsNova, StarIndigo, DreamNova.

    Yes and the 'xxx' I personally hate as well,  and try not to add too many numbers.

    Godo Luck


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    Whenever you search for a gamertag on the dashboard using the gamertag changing tool you are shown an array of variants to a specific gamertag whenever that gamertag is taken. Try entering the key words you mentioned above, you will be shown some suggestions.


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    Spacing when creating a gamertag is not ignored it is the capitilization that is ignored. A space is considered another character when creating a gamertag. IF you really want to use the Hello Sweetie you can also try adding another e or using 3's instead of e's :D Hope this helps!

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    Number's within a gamertag or an 'x' is bad to look at. You should take a couple of day's to think of unique gamertag for example 'Domestic' how many members do you see using a name like that ? I haven't and that was off the top of my head so if your creative and have spare time you can think of one.

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    Hey everyone! I'm stoked you are all willing to help out in crafting a new GT, but this really isn't suited for the Support Forums. I'm going to move this over to the Community area for you guys to continue along. Thanks!

    PS - Love the Doctor Who reference!

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    How is this a support related issue? This is a support forum so if you have anactual issue with your console, account or XBL then post away but if you are just looking for ideas for a new GT then you should have posted in the General Discussion forum.

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    thanks for the feedback, everyone.

    just looked at some of the random suggestions from xbl and one of them was WeirdMusician. i'm really surprised that one isn't already taken. unfortunately, voteDC was correct that hellosweetie is already being used.  :(

    when i said extra numbers were ok i meant like hellosweetie123 not he11osw33tie.

    is there a way to find out if hellosweetie is still active or if it's an account someone hasn't used in 3 years? just curious because if it's inactive i'll probably use hellosweetie11 or something like that.

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    I just came up with the perfect gt but it's 9 characters too long.  :(


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    hi, if in the gametag what you like, or your name its up to you,

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    Try maybe "No.1spartan" not 2 sure