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  • Forum Thread: looking for friends in 30s

    hi i am looking for friends 30 old age rang i have minecraft and fable 3 full house poker i don't have alot money games if known a good online game that i pick up $20 that new friends on send live a text
  • Forum Thread: Looking for people to play Halo4 and COD:Black Ops 2 Zombies

    I'm fairly efficient in Halo4 but am relatively new to COD: Zombies. Looking for people to party up and play with. Also have Left4Dead2. Online most days. Gamertag: matthewdollaaah
  • Forum Thread: Suche neue Member Clan deutsch

    Hallo zsm, wer einen netten Clan sucht zum zocken der ist bei uns herzlich Willkommen. Wir spielen Battelfield 3 und und Bad company 1.2 Battelfield 1943 Gears of War 3 und co. Meldet euch einfach bei mir bei Interesse. Name des clans GermanKingz GRK Gamertag.xXScArFaCeXx26
  • Forum Thread: Game for a Cause (COD TOURNAMENT) - Great way to meet friends and LJH!

    Twitter - @Lady_Odin Facebook Page - Wesbite - Event page - IGN page - Gamertag: LJH LadyOdin 4
  • Forum Thread: Come join the club!!!

    Hey, hey everyone! Here's another outlet to find fun, mature like-minded gamers!! We started a page on Facebook all about Xbox gaming. We'll be featuring weekly, maybe monthly events (depending on how many people join us) on all sorts of different games! From teaming up for GOW's Horde...
  • Forum Thread: Female Gamers Wanted

    Introduction: Heylo! (hello) My short-tag is HiT & I'm 23 I've been playing live for a little well over 10 years. I play all types of games, but I'm not a big fan of Call of Duty (series), EA, War-craft Online, Apple, the entire video game sports genre & Pepsi. I do love Action...
  • Forum Thread: Add me and lets play!

    I am honestly tired of getting in games when no one has a mic and do not talk what so ever. I am a very social person, and sitting in my dorm room at 10 at night all quiet sucks. Add me, and play! I play literally everything. Only person I really play with is my girlfriend and thats just when we really...
  • Forum Thread: post your game list here

    this list my online games need for speed hp battlefield 1943 all the free games fable 3 staints row 2 full house poker uno minecraft deadlist warrrior street fighter 2
  • Forum Thread: Looking for gamers on Xbox One

    Hi GT: XxUncle MurdaxX Location: Florida Age: 27 Games Played: Currently just Battlefield 4 and NBA 2k14 Im interested in meeting new people on the next gen console.
  • Forum Thread: looking for female gears of war and mass effect 3

    I am 32 male looking female gameing buddys
  • Forum Thread: Defiance player?

    Looking for mature Defiance players. Playing with randoms who dont talk gets boring.
  • Forum Reply: Re: 48 Year Old Looking For Other "Mature" Players

    I'm hesitant to add this list, since it sounds like I'm bragging about my library. I've just been lucky to get a lot of games really cheap, thanks to sales, and the fact that I normally buy older games. A few of them cost me $1 or less new or used. I am just posting the list in an effort...
  • Forum Thread: need friends

    we have no friends need some
  • Forum Thread: here a list of games i have and be getting

    this have part gears of wars 1 dragon age origins dragon age 2 perfect dark zero metal gear solid hd collection lara croft tomb raider legend sega superstar tennis xbox arcade disc zone of the enders hd collection heres my kinect games kinect sports 1 motionsports kinect star wars games i will getting...
  • Forum Thread: Lookin for friends!!

    Hey guyyss I just joined Xbox Live recently and would like to have more friends to play with!! Voice chat too! :D Nphinx
  • Forum Thread: hey i need some help getting friends

    i am get mic this weekend i need friend my brother said i can get full house porker and uno i have all free games i am looking for friends who are over 19 i am 32 i had one guy one guy but some how i lost him i only have a for 4 gb xbox i can get battlefild 1943 and migic card game it the old one i want...
  • Forum Thread: it excalibur Here my games online list I am not going to trying the vices want let me quit

    you all Jason won't buy me any games $60 but my sisther Kim got my let 4 dead 1 game of year here a run down of my online games all the halo games call of world at war forza motorsport 3 left 4 dead 1 fable 2&3 kameo and all the free games with gold and all free arcade games need for speed hot...
  • Forum Thread: Miss Wotsit here looking for new partners in crime! Please read :)

    Hi All! Wotsit here, I am a bubbly outgoing 25 year old from the UK who loves to game! I currently participate in the xbox ambassador programme and run my own gaming community that I am looking to expand and progress into something special!(web address in the bottom so feel free to take a look!) ...
  • Forum Thread: Looking for some friends

    Hello! I am looking to make some xbox live friends. All I have on my friends list is family and hardly anybody is on anymore. I just would like someone to chat to while playing single player games or even play some matches on Halo, Black Ops etc. I am asking that you be mature. I will not tolerate people...
  • Forum Thread: this network is dead

    i tryed for a year too find new friends what i done so wong that i can't find any new friends i even try call of duty mw 3 and gears of war with no luck i am going back to halo in mass effect i like them more i am spaceer my heart in the stars robotech gi joe star terk it who i am well i say this...
  • Forum Thread: New to Xbox and online gaming

    Looking for a safe place to land for my kids and i in the world of online gaming. Please post links to things i should know. Good advice appreciated
  • Forum Thread: I am Looking for friends

    I am 33 I play halo mass effect gears of war and card games adult only
  • Forum Thread: ADD ME im " new "

    hey guys well im "new" the reason for the quotations is because my other account has been banned for life because i was trolling people ;/ But: im getting gold in a few days so add me
  • Forum Reply: hey guys and girls I am for some friends

    I am adult looking for friends I have all the halo games I am getting mass effect and kinect my for b day in oct p.s my xbox is the shop right now it should be back soon look forward to meeting some new friends here in video game land name Jason parker by the way what are some good kniect game I can...
  • Forum Thread: Gaming friends

    I know I have tried this in the past and failed. Who knows, 4th time's the charm? AGE: 30 GENDER: M LOCATION: USA GAMES: [Compare Activity/Games] I decided not to talk on live anymore because I always have a chance of messing it up. So I decided to become SilentGmr. I do like playing video...