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  • Forum Thread: Compact System Camera Dilemma

    All will be explained in the video link below Thanks in advance :)
  • Forum Thread: speed test

    i know am in tha wrong section but it would seem better to post it here so at least i can find some gamers with a decent connection to game with. so please post your results and oh idk you your favorite game
  • Forum Thread: I need new Xbox One players!!

    So nearly all of my friends decided to switch over to PS4 instead of getting Xbox One (scumbags) and I'm left here with only one person to play battlefield 4 and Forza 5 with. I'm a 19 years old guy, British and a sexy mofo - so if you're below 16 for the love of Moses don't bother adding...
  • Forum Thread: The Play Vault Community

    The Xbox Forums have changed since I was last here so if this post is not allowed, please let me know. The Play Vault is our multiplatform video game community, podcast and forum. We have news, previews and opinion articles up for your viewing pleasure everyday and we all come together to play some...
  • Forum Thread: Looking for people to play Halo4 and COD:Black Ops 2 Zombies

    I'm fairly efficient in Halo4 but am relatively new to COD: Zombies. Looking for people to party up and play with. Also have Left4Dead2. Online most days. Gamertag: matthewdollaaah
  • Forum Thread: competitive CoD gamers?

    I love to play CoD but i hate when im matched with terrible players that cost us the win i just want some friends that'll play with me when their online add me if your interested :) GT:JKG Sniper Girl
  • Forum Thread: Suche neue Member Clan deutsch

    Hallo zsm, wer einen netten Clan sucht zum zocken der ist bei uns herzlich Willkommen. Wir spielen Battelfield 3 und und Bad company 1.2 Battelfield 1943 Gears of War 3 und co. Meldet euch einfach bei mir bei Interesse. Name des clans GermanKingz GRK Gamertag.xXScArFaCeXx26
  • Forum Thread: Game for a Cause (COD TOURNAMENT) - Great way to meet friends and LJH!

    Twitter - @Lady_Odin Facebook Page - Wesbite - Event page - IGN page - Gamertag: LJH LadyOdin 4
  • Forum Thread: Looking for new friends

    I'm starting to get back into console games and I'm looking for new friends. Mature friends. I say that because i'm tired of people that feel the need to spew profanity in every sentence or ask me to go out with them. If you're here to play games and want a new friend, please add me....
  • Forum Thread: Looking for new, laid back friendly gamers?

    Hi, Im looking for some new friends/gamers to add to my friends list and play Xbox with. I am a laid back, easy going guy who likes to have fun and a giggle when playing online as well as meeting new people. I am not looking for anything other than new friends to chat and play with, not looking for anything...
  • Forum Thread: Should MS stop users from changing their gender or posing as the opposite gender?

    Does anyone else out there think that Microsoft should place a ban on users changing their avatar gender on their profiles? I have read several posts online about this and so many people are posing as the opposite *** to get people to add them on Xbox Live, I think its time we got everyone to pitch in...
  • Forum Thread: Come join the club!!!

    Hey, hey everyone! Here's another outlet to find fun, mature like-minded gamers!! We started a page on Facebook all about Xbox gaming. We'll be featuring weekly, maybe monthly events (depending on how many people join us) on all sorts of different games! From teaming up for GOW's Horde...
  • Forum Thread: Add me and lets play!

    I am honestly tired of getting in games when no one has a mic and do not talk what so ever. I am a very social person, and sitting in my dorm room at 10 at night all quiet sucks. Add me, and play! I play literally everything. Only person I really play with is my girlfriend and thats just when we really...
  • Forum Thread: Not looking for kids but young adults

    Hi im josh im 15 turning 16 on the 20th (GoW3 OMGBBQFTW) and my friends list includes chipmonks and im tired of it so im looking for some new friends for a fresh new year of games and fun so it me up i would love to play P.S. GoW3 will be my main game until battlefield then skyrim P.S.S. no im...
  • Forum Thread: Minecraft... Join me?

    Anyone want to join me in minecraft... I want to build a city(: My GT is Inferiortroy. I play like almost everyday
  • Forum Thread: Girl gamer friends purple oranges

    well just trying to meet some girls who play sports games and like zombies and all that there just more fun to talk to and to play with in my opinion. Girls are just more calm like that. so yea anyone down i play variety of games other than that just incase but yea love peace and chicken grease. i also...
  • Forum Thread: Xiled Gaming

    XGC Kings, Looking to join, message me. Looking for a clan? If so XGC is recruiting adult gamers who value fair play, respect and good sportsmanship. If you feel you share these same qualities and would like more info on how to join send me a message. 18 and up, facebook for gamers! 60,000 members. We...
  • Forum Thread: Looking for XBL friends to play and have a good time!.

    Hey there, you opened my post so chances are you're looking for some people to play with online!. I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm only playing Halo 4 right yeah lol. It sucks that it's a very narrow game choice but it's my main focus now. I'm looking for...

    Hi people just thought i would post up to let you know about a new gaming community site. We are just starting up and have some good leagues and tournaments to offer from Call Of Duty to FIFA and still adding new leagues with the more interest we get so if your after a new challenge for your team...
  • Forum Thread: Chick looking for a good playgroup.

    Since it's almost Xmas break, I thought I'd take this time to further my gaming skills (lol what skills) and find some cool peoplez to play with. I'm on Wednesday, which is my last day, and all day on the weekends. So if you have some free time during those days, feel free to add me.
  • Forum Thread: Help yo

    I need help
  • Forum Thread: I wold like to add some female to to my friends list

    I am 32 for easley south carolina i have mass effect 3 halo 3 halo wars fable 2 satins row 2 and gears of war 1 i am out gold at this i will get more
  • Forum Thread: My Youtube Channel HKxSlash Bang

    Hey guys just posting this up here cus i dont get noticed much on youtube which is understandable its a big website and i dont post the best stuff but id love it if you would just give some of my content a go :) [Mod Removed: Please do not solicit your YouTube channel] Those are some links to the videos...
  • Forum Thread: Lookin for friends!!

    Hey guyyss I just joined Xbox Live recently and would like to have more friends to play with!! Voice chat too! :D Nphinx
  • Forum Thread: Miss Wotsit here looking for new partners in crime! Please read :)

    Hi All! Wotsit here, I am a bubbly outgoing 25 year old from the UK who loves to game! I currently participate in the xbox ambassador programme and run my own gaming community that I am looking to expand and progress into something special!(web address in the bottom so feel free to take a look!) ...