XBOX One instead of HTPC?

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    So I was in the process of researching parts to build an HTPC when I caught wind of the XBox One announcement trailer and watched it. Cool toy just as a multimedia interface, nevermind games!

    My current home setup consists of a [NAS] Synology Diskstation (running the latest DSM), and multiple computers\devices all running XBMC.

    I do NOT use DLNA, and I don't want to. From what I've heard, the formats are limited and for some, transcoding vids to appropriate formats is necessary. Yuck!

    So MY QUESTION IS:  Can the Xbox One detect my media folder on my NAS (Samba filesystem), and play ALL my music and videos? (Using "popular" formats such as mp3, flac, avi, mp4 and mkv).  Can it find metadata to organize and present them in a pretty way?

    I've never owned a console, but from what I've heard, the XBox 360 could not, I doubt the 'One' will be able to -- unless the XBMC software can be used on it just as it can on Android.

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    It only works using DLNA so no :-(
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    Not with the 360. I tried for the longest time to find a way, but gave up. But I hadn't thought to check and see if the xbox one can. Not sure if its possible with a media server in between. Its doubtful though.

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    i've used my 360 for streaming all of those formats with the exception of mkv. mkv is not actually the issue, its the codec x264 that ms will not support on 360. it is possible this has changed in the past couple years i havent bothered researching.


    i don't use nas and i'm not familiar with it. my htpc, which doubles as my home and work pc, has a standard raid 5 array with 2 tb of storage and room for expansion so i just havent bothered looking into it.


    so if you want to know what x360 can do, just open up windows media center and play with it. that is what x360 uses. its awesome for over the air tv, great guide and dvr fucntionality. as someone who uses xbmc the libraries and codec support leaves a ton to be desired. there is some library functionality, but as mentioned above it doesnt support x264 and definitely doesnt support accessing rar archives.


    i have asked about xbmc on xbox one on their forums. if it is something they can and are going to do im definitely in on a xbox one on day one. xbmc with kinect motion and voice controls would be amazing. so far it doesn't look promising, here is the thread i started


    it is still a long ways off before xbox one is released so maybe as time approaches they may decided to support it, or maybe xbox one will have the functions built in.


    symtex i know xbox one supports dlna, but i have not seen that that would be the only way of streaming. that would be a real shocker as dlna is primarily for devices that dont connect to a network. pc media libraries and xbox one are obviously connected to a network and should take advantage of that route instead of dlna. i mean dlna isnt bad if you have a friend over with a camera or something that wants to quickly show you a video/pictures.

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    With any console on the market you will have multimedia problems

    My advice stick to a HTPC.

    Gone are the days of XBMC and Xbox :)