How-To: Hook up PC speakers to your Xbox 360

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    Most televisions have decent sound, but some don't. Some have amazing sound, whilst others sound like a forty-year-old scratched up 8-track tape.While 8-tracks are good for old music, they're not so good to get the whole area experience in Mass Effect 2 or Grand Theft Auto: IV, or to get that full battle sound in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Here is a simple, step-by-step process on how, exactly, to help you with sound quality. There are two different scenarios, so here is how to do it the way I'm doing it.

    Scenario I: Headphone Jack

    This first scenario is where you've got your speakers, in my case Logitech Z130 Desktop speakers, which I have for my PC as well, and your TV has a female end (input) similar to the standard audio/video inputs, but much smaller. In this case, you...

    1. Simply plug the end of your speakers (the part that normally plugs into your computer) into the headphone input of your television, usually next to where the yellow video input plugs in.

    A, voila, you've got PC speakers hooked up into your television, and both your speakers in your television, and your PC speakers are up and running. One thing to point out is that you're able to control the volume of both the PC speakers and your television with one of the units, I.E. the PC speakers go lower in volume if you turn your TV volume down, and vice versa. 

    Scenario II: AV Cable Attachment

    With this scenario, your TV either doesn't have a headphone input, or you want to approach this differently, in some cases with better quality sound. To do this, you...

    1. Purchase a Y adapter, similar to this one:

    2. Plug the yellow and red plugs from your 360's AV cable into the respective parts of the  Y adapter.

    3. Take the male plug on the Y adapter and plug it into your speakers. The jack, according to a friend, will usually be green.

    Now, in my speakers, I've not the foggiest idea where to plug the Y adapter in, so I just use my headphone plug system. But, my uncle uses the Y adapter split system, and he lives in the same house as my mum, sis and I, so I know for a fact both methods shown above work, and will cause no harm to either the speakers or your 360, or television, given that you do it right, and don't try to shove a bizarre 2cm square plug into a 1cm circular hole. Just use common sense! I will not be held accountable for any fraternal idiocracy which results in a broken component of any system.

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    Yellow on the AV cable is the composite video color. Red and White are your RCA left and right audio channels. If you want cheap adapters, cables, coupler check out

    The normal color scheme for 3.5mm speaker jacks are as follows.



    Orange/Center Sub

    Grey/Side speakers in a 7.1 setup


    Side note even if your monitor or TV doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone out they normally have the red and white RCA audio outs that pass through whatever input is currently selected. Just need a RCA Red and White Y adapter to 3.5mm female and you can plug in headphones or PC speakers.

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    I didn't know about that method. I've got other things to do, so I'll add it in later.

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    Ya, I'm not sure what you were going for here Necrosphericle but that cable is far overpriced, and you did mess up the cable connections. There are tons of ways to connect speakers and such to an xbox depending on what outputs you use, inputs you have, and any mediums inbetween such as amplifiers or in this case a TV. Also, you cannot change it because there is no editing allowed of posts past a couple minutes. It doesn't really help when some of the post include parts where you don't know or claim someone else says... It was a good effot but some of the descriptions are confusing or use subjective names instead of the actually name of the plug/port. For future reference, terms such as 3.5mm ot TRS plug/jack should be used as well as RCA or Analog audio. Single channel or two channels, etc. In a nutshell, I found scenario 2 to make no sense and only confuse me and scenario 1 to not be descriptive enough with names.

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    Well, the names I used should be easy enough for anyone to figure it out. If you don't like it, look elsewhere!

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    The names you used are non-existant, as in you didn't use names. I'm not going to look elsewhere as I frequent the A/V forums to help out. Misinformation though doesn't help.

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    Sorry if I displeased anyone with my "misinformative" information. Don't troll, go elsewhere.

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    LOL, trolling, really? I frequent the A/V forums often in order to assist others and this How To will only confuse people that don't know how to hook up different audio setups. Especially considering there are some errors or uncertainties posted in the OP.

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    Again, don't post here if you're going to insult my work.

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    So I only Need Those Things?

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    Wow, resurrect a 2 1/2 year old thread.

    There is much better info out there than the confusing rubbish printed above.

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    I like you mate. No idiocracy here. Haha.