Watchdogs anyone?

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    I don't know about you but Watchdogs seemed to really get my blood flowing, at first I was a like "Hey this sorta looks like GTA" then a minute or two later "Whoa! did that dude just hack those traffic lights?" and finally "this game is aawweeesssoooommmmeee!!!!!!!!!!" So I don't know about you but watchdogs is definitely one of the prize pigs at E3 this year (for me at least), what are your thoughts?

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    I was really impressed with it too. Best looking game there but I think it was running on a high end pc. They will probably have to tone down the graphics for consoles :( .

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    The game looked great! I can't wait to hear more about it.

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    When they played the trailer I thought it was going to be dumb then the actual gameplay was shown and it was impressive.

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    it looked impressive like GTA and AC had a hacker baby together. but i doubt it will be out for this generation of consoles. maybe a launch title for the next gen in 2014

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    They confirmed it would be PC, 360, and PS3 (the presentation was done on PC with console controller). They also said that it was subject to change. Probably means that (if you paid attention to the technical aspects of the game) it may only be possible on next-gen consoles, ultimately.

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    Scan the QR code that appears in the demo. It takes you here:

    I love stuff like that hidden(kinda) in trailers/demos games movies etc. the game does look really awesome but I hope they release it on next gen only as I want it to look as good if not better when I'm playing it, don't want it toned down so it'll run on old tech!

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    ^The problem is that if they release it for PC in 2013, it'll be old news when the next gen consoles will be out (since there wasn't even any announcements about them this year I'm guessing it'll be 2014-ish when we can expect to get the new consoles [also, the game wouldn't still sell too good since at first only true fans of the consoles would get them for the insane launch prices]) and they'd require a new marketing campaign for it. Doesn't sound too good for Ubisoft so I'm sure they release it for 360 & PS3 with just worse graphics.

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