Xbox 360 Stand Up or Laying Down?

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    horizontal is better for the fans.

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    Upright=scratched discs

    I never got scratches, but when i did try it upright when I rearranged game cave it did freeze a few times until I layed it down.   I have the slim

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    Our slim is the one I have standing up (the Halo 3 LE is laying down)... I've never had one scratched disk or freeze. Even so, I still prefer my consoles laying flat.

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    Horizontal especially now that the 360 slim vents vertically instead of a rear exhaust on the original style. Even with the original it was always flat and on something that you can't bump into cause the console to shake. One ruined disc is enough to cement that stability is crucial. Only console I could put vertical and feel safe about is the PS2 slim because the optical drive is manual loading and it takes a bit of effort to get the game off of the spindle.

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    Mine spins from the ceiling fan.That way it stays cool while playing.


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    Lay it horizontal trust me. You have no idea how angry I was when I was playing a game when the 360 was vertical and got iced because it was accidentally moved.

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    Have it lying down there are many reasons for it mine is standing up simply because of room.

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    Laying down. Cons are none ATM. Pros are no disc scratching or accidentally tipping over.

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    cool! thanks people. laying down it is! :)

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    I keep mine laying horizontal, I've had a disk ruined before because it tipped over when it was in the vertical position, and many of my friends have had the same problem.

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    I love your reply! Thanks for your creative yet with a hint of humorous sarcasm!

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    Having it Vertical, can cause heat issues & put wear your HDD & also your Optical Drives motor works slightly harder too..

    (As the motor has to spin slightly harder to turn it on one side of the motor (Physics) & it would also use slightly more power too)


    Having it Horizontal, keeps the HDD & Optical Drive flat for optimal use & allows heat to rise vertically through the side vent & not accumulate it one end of the case more etc..

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    Always horizontal. Always.

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    Flat- definately and it has a WHOLE shelf to itself with lots of space and a tiny fan in the back just to be safe.  I talk to it nicely everyday too.  :)



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    Flat- definately and it has a WHOLE shelf to itself with lots of space and a tiny fan in the back just to be safe.  I talk to it nicely everyday too.  :)


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