ufc 154 thru xbox live?

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    i,ve just seen an ad saying something about watching the upcoming Ufc and was wandering how many Microsoft points would that cost because it also said 30% off.

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    To purchase UFC 154, you need a Credit Card, you will not be able to use Microsoft Points on it. $31 for SD and $37 for HD.

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    @JackTheWhack87 thanks for getting back to me,much appreciated.

    $30 + that sounds kinda expensive just to watch ufc 154.

    My mate can get espn on virgin media in the uk for the month for 12 quid.

    i think they be having a laff mate at them prices.

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    I pay £10 per month for espn in the uk on sky, and that gets you 24 hours a day of sport plus all ufc cards and the ultimate fighter series.

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    @ Jack,

    I hate it that we can't use MS points but at the sametime that's a pretty good price for HD. Better than $50 and in your own living room not having to go spend money on beer at food and a sports bar and grill.

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    I know I mean for those in the UK yea there is ways around it and of course the usual sports streams online. For us in the States and for you @ziriux I know exactly what you mean.. our PPVs are up in Price at it is so I ran right up to this offer for the HD Stream..

    I've used the UFC PPV on XBOX Live in the Past and its been awesome and amazing experience! I believe Microsoft is moving away from the Points System and using the Currency itself as its new method.. Just you watch! ;)

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