Is this fast enough internet speed for xbox 360 gameing?

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    have fios for a while now 35/35 very nice, they have 150/35 out now. yet still waitting for it to hit my area, was at 25/25 moved up big change with lag. some time games lag but not like the old days, waiting for 150/35

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    Hehe I have 50mb Gaming Connection. =D

    Let me guess it's fast?

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    should I get  the 15 down/ 5 up or should I pay the extra 5 bucks a month for  the 25 down/ 25 up?

    For actual gaming purposes, the bandwidth isn't as much of a concern as latency is. As latency isn't going to change based on up/down speed alone, it won't matter.

    I personally would spring for the 25/25 plan, but that's because I do more than just gaming.

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    That is way more than enough. Mine isn't even half that and it is perfectly fine for gaming as long as your not downloading porn in the background. People like to overkill their connection then bash others that have less.


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    those numbers are only the bandwidth meaning that its how much at once not necessarily how fast, ping would be the speed such as 10 ms.  you don't need much bandwidth, that should be plenty unless you have other stuff going on like roommates downloading large files.  however if you setup the router correctly you can drastically improve your connection regardless of how much bandwidth you have and regardless of how much porn your brother is downloading.

    i used these settings and went from laggy as crap to host every time:

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    Guys I'm no expert, please speak to me in simple terms.

    This is my speed:

    All I need to know is it fast enough for multiplayer?



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    That is fast enough for online.  As before I got fibre optic mine was like 2mb for down and 0.10 for up and I was playing alot of COD with that.


    With having fibre optic now my connections ridiculously good. Just done a quick check: ping is 0.11, down 84mb & upload 45mb.

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    I remember starting out on Xbox with a 756kb download and I have no idea what upload. Just remember it as being the best thing since sliced bread :D

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    Thank you very much for all your help!