Child Friendly?

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    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has brought this up or what but I have noticed a disturbing trend with the x-box home screen advertising some pretty scary stuff. I personally don't have an issue but I do have children and when I log on and things like an add for the new evil dead are taking up half the screen I have some concerns. Perhaps if your going  to advertise for something with frightening or gruesome content / pictures then perhaps it should stay in the section it's for. I know there are a lot of gamers who have kids in the home and I hope i'm not the only one here but perhaps the advertising on xbox live should take a little more consideration for the younger audience out there. 

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    Yeah. It's rather inconsistent that they will put Evil Dead ads on the dashboard, or have music links to artists that use the N word and objectify women, but won't let users have a funny GT or put whatever thay want in their bio. Unfortunately, it is you that will have to change your family settings and MAYBE there won't be anything inappropriate being advertised, maybe.

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    I'll have to give that a look see. Hopefully that will work on ads and not just games/media.

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    Do people actually really care, There are a lot of worse things in the world.

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     the advertising on xbox live should take a little more consideration for the younger audience out there. 

    MS DOES take consideration. That is why there are chikd accounts and family settings that will block that kind of content.

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    I know they have child accounts and what not. And it's not that I have a problem with the stuff personally, since I love playing the horror style games. But I'm the only one with an xbox account and when I log on and they have a big picture of some half decomposed and scary looking person plastered on the screen, that's not something I want a 4 year old to see while I'm trying to boot up minecraft, or various lego games. Hence the reason I want to look into the family settings. I only want to block that type of ad content, not the games since I play those.

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    so I checked and there is no way to change the ads that show up on the homepage. You can block games and music and tv but not ads.

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    My friend has a 4 year old who is scared just at the word zombie.Thers no way to protect kids from anything these days unless you live an Amish lifestyle.Its sad.

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    I am also having a difficult time with this.  I have a daughter that is VERY sensitive to the zombies.  Just today on the home screen is a large shot of one.  She is 7 yrs old and screamed my name and came running to me.  I have also done the family settings, but it does not take that S#$T off the main screens.

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    Yet you can imply vulgare language for all to read???  Please,  mind the time stamp,  this topic is over a month old.   Also, feel free to start your own subject.  

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    Garbled symbols implying profanity that you'd have to be able to read and know English to understand, versus a picture of a ghoul that can terrify any child with vision.  Yeah, those equate to the same thing...