Netflix doesn't work on xbox one

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    I have just cancelled my Netflix membership.  It will be effective January 12.


    See below for the transcript of my chat session with "Sasha" which ended rather oddly ( see if you can catch her mistake ).


    Meanwhile, I was also discussing my issue via phone.  I informed them that I must have this issue resolved tonight or I will cancel with Netflix ( this issue has history, this was my 4th attempt to ask for help ).  The final outcome was that I will get a call back from the next level team, but it might take a week.  We parted company very politely and I promptly started trying to get my chat session to cancel my membership…


    Message I received after cancellation:

    Your membership will be canceled

    Your streaming plan will be canceled at the end of your current billing period on Jan 12, 2014. Feel free to watch movies and TV episodes until this date. You will get an email confirmation of your cancellation.


    The Chat session ( After long pause at end, I killed it as I believe that is what she wanted !!! )


    Netflix Customer Service

    You are now chatting with:

    2 hours agoNetflix Sasha

    Thanks for contacting
    Netflix! My name is Sasha. Who am I chatting with?

    2 hours agoYou

    Kevin, I have XBOX ONE,
    cannot get netflix to work. I've called support twict but got ZERO support,
    they told me it must be my ISP.

    2 hours agoNetflix Sasha

    Ah man. Not good at all.
    What happens when you try to watch?

    2 hours agoYou

    It stars downloading, gets
    to about 30 or so percent then screen goes black and back to the previous

    2 hours agoNetflix Sasha

    It sounds as if you are
    having a looping issue. I will definitely do my best to get to the bottom of
    this. Seeing that you contacted us already maybe there was something we missed.
    i am here to help nonetheless

    2 hours agoYou

    I'm not happy

    2 hours agoNetflix Sasha

    Relax. :) These things
    happen from time to time. You know how technology is nowadays, we just have to
    work past this. I hope you know that i am on your side 00%

    60 minutes agoYou

    I've gotten no support so

    59 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Sorry I meant to say 100%

    59 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    the previous people didnt
    attempt to help at all?

    59 minutes agoYou

    really? Any idea how to get
    netflix to play a movie on the xbox one?

    59 minutes agoYou

    No they did not. Told me it
    must be my ISP

    59 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    I am trying my very best to
    get some answers for you.

    56 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Hey did you uninstall then
    reinstall the netflix app on your xbox one?

    56 minutes agoYou

    Found this… Obvilusly I'm
    not the only one:

    56 minutes agoYou

    Markus NOV 28, 2013 01:29PM
    EST Hi Mark, I stumbled across a thread on Reddit a few minutes ago. There is
    currently a problem with Xbox One and Netflix. Microsoft posted this on their
    Status Site: We know that you’re receiving an error code when you attempt to
    watch your favorite movies and television shows on the Netflix app, and we’ve
    got you covered! We’re grateful for your patience while we work with our
    external partner. Feel free to check back in 30 minutes for an update on our

    55 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Where did you find that?

    54 minutes agoYou


    54 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    I am not sure who that is
    from though, its also dated Nov of last year.

    54 minutes agoYou

    I'm just truing to solve the

    54 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    I am calling my tech team.
    Please stay with me

    53 minutes agoYou

    It works find on my xbox 360
    connected to the same network via wired network connection. It alwo works just
    fine on my laptop.

    53 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Ok, have you uninstalled and
    then reinstalled the app on the Xbox one?

    52 minutes agoYou


    49 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Ok, lets go through the
    steps together

    48 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Are you inside the Netflix
    app on the xbox one now?

    48 minutes agoYou

    just a minute…

    48 minutes agoYou


    47 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Press the menu button on the

    47 minutes agoYou


    47 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Select settings and then log

    46 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    After that I want you to
    sign back in

    44 minutes agoYou


    43 minutes agoYou

    just tried to play one of
    the titles, it got to 37% then blank screen and back to the home screen

    42 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Ok, when you say 'blank
    screen' is it red or black?

    42 minutes agoYou


    40 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Ok, can you go to settings
    on the xbox please

    40 minutes agoYou


    39 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Next, go to system and check
    for updates, let me know what you find

    38 minutes agoYou

    There is no "check for
    updates" under settings -> system

    38 minutes agoYou

    I'm about done with netflix

    38 minutes agoYou

    It works just fine on my
    xbox 360 on the same network

    37 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Yes I understand that so
    sometimes the device need s firmware update if its acting up, since every other
    device works perfectly.

    36 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    The update basically helps
    get the netflix settings back t normal.

    36 minutes agoYou

    What update?

    35 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Oh, I am referring to the
    firmware update. Occasionally our devices need to be updated, whether it be a
    blu ray, or gaming console or smart TV. The Xbox one used to work fine right?

    35 minutes agoYou

    no it has never worked

    34 minutes agoYou

    This is a new XBOX ONE
    replacing the 360. Netflix is the ONLY app that doesn't work

    32 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Kevin, I hope you can stay
    with me while I call the IT guys. Please…

    30 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Hi are you still with me?

    29 minutes agoYou


    29 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    I was just checking, I am
    dialling in to them now

    27 minutes agoYou

    I deleted the app and
    reinstalled, login, fire up a title from the home screen and got the same

    21 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Hey Kevin, they wanted me to
    confirm id you have any capture cords that record gameplay..

    21 minutes agoNetflix Sasha


    16 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Hey, I hope I haven't lost

    16 minutes agoYou

    don't know what a capture
    cord is

    15 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Ok no worries, do you have
    any extra items hooked up to your Xbox?

    9 minutes agoYou


    8 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Gotcha, thank you.

    6 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Thank you so much for
    staying with me Hortencia. I have the steps right here to get you connected.
    Click Here to have a look. When the page opens, please click the option for
    Smart TV. It is extremely important that you follow the steps in the specified
    order. One of these steps will disconnect our chat but you can read through
    first and please please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I am right
    here with you.

    4 minutes agoYou

    My internet is 25/12, which
    is enough to strem a bunch of data, let alone a 1080p or 720p stream from

    4 minutes agoYou

    I will be canceling my
    netflix account right away. In fact, if you can do that here, I can authorize.

    3 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Sure thing, just log out of
    your account so I can do it from my end ok

    3 minutes agoYou

    That would mean
    disconnecting from you eh?

    2 minutes agoYou

    BTW I'm interested is maybe
    getting a refund of some cash for dead service?

    2 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Yes, I can do this for you

    2 minutes agoYou

    Let's do it

    2 minutes agoNetflix Sasha

    Sure thing


    [ long pause, too long.  ]


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    Well at least you got the refund for unused service.

    Earl Grey, hot

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    @OP:  Sorry to hear you're having issues with Netflix.  I notice that your account is reading as a Free account, with no Gold membership at all. Could that be related to the issue, perhaps?  I don't know.  Seems like Netflix shouldn't even let you get as far as you were without a Gold membership, unless you were using someone else's Gold via Xbox One's Home Gold feature.

    @Patrick Stewart:   I am the living embodiment of awe and respect for your Gamertag.  Truly, you have been blessed.  But if Sir Patrick Stewart ever comes asking for his Gamertag, I implore you to bequeath unto him his rightful name, unless your real name actually is Patrick Stewart, in which case I redouble my assertion that you are blessed.  But if it is not your actual name, then serve well as the steward of thy tag.

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    No, this gamertag, weq92f, isn't in use at all other than here.  My real gamertag, the one I run all my games and apps with is Gold member of XBOX live.

    Netflix support is useless.  XBOX support is mostly useless.  That is, when you have a problem that is not in their reference material and/or hasn't been seen before.

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    Weq, I've had some pretty awesome people help me out there.  We've had to fly outside of their reference material on a number of occasions, mostly because I only tend to turn to them when the issue is crazy weird.  And yeah, not everyone is going to be experienced enough to think outside the box and experiment on a solution, but when you find such an agent, not just with Xbox, but with any service, make note of it, and have their higher ups make note of it, and hopefully encourage more of that in the future.

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    Well Klokkwork, you are much more lucky than I in that regard.  I've been in the tech industry for over 20 years.  I hang my hat  in shops with very high end machines and software running large data systems.  During that 20+ years, I've witnessed the decline in support offerings at the big company level ( Informix, Oracle, HP, IBM, SUN, etc ).  Before India came on scene and the big American companies started shifting away from qualified, english speaking, American employees toward cheap, sweat shop rooms full of foreign workers who don't have a clue and can't speak english, getting useful support was as easy as picking up the phone.  Nowadays however, we are forced to accept third, fourth rate "support" from these foreigners who are far less qualified and who often refuse to let you move on down the support chain to a more qualified person.  I can't tell you how many times I've been stuck with the first level because the guy/girl on the other side of the planet didn't want to look like they didn't know what they were doing in the eyes of their own management.  So they sit there trying in vain to help and continue to refuse me access to the next level.

    Netflix doesn't seem to have gone the route to India just yet with their support personnel but the quality I have experienced isn't anything to get excited about.

    Bottom line:  They could not get Netflix app working on the Xbox One.  They couldn't even offer up anything useful at all.  They told me it was my ISP, that my network connection must be too slow, that I just need to logout/login, remove/reinstall, reboot, anything to just get me off the phone so they could close out the ticket and move on the next person who ~should~ have a ~normal~ problem so they could take the steps off their screen ( read the steps ), deliver them to the customer and consider themselves as having solved yet another customer issue.

    Useless to those of us who have real problems.