How to clean xbox 360 slim case (matte) ?

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    A few months ago I saw a finger mark near the power supply entry. I asked my mother how could I take it off and she used a cleaning product that is used to clean home stuff and in result the case is has like lots of a little bit more dark/light points on it's surface making it a little bit odd when it's visible, because of the chemicals that the product has (She only wiped on the top of the 360 so it's not all the case the front and the bottom are okay). The case didn't really get that bad but if I sit on my bed and get closer with my eyes I can see that kind of marks left. I tried alcohol ( I know I shouldn't but it didn't make it worse), a bit of soap in a wet cloth and Microfiber cloth, both dry and wet. Nothing has removed them so far. Remember that it's marks in consequence of the chemicals that were used, not marks of fingers or anything of that nature. I already looked at ebay and a completely new case would be too expensive. I really want to know something that would make the case (on the top) look better without having to get a new one. I've done this question way too many times so I'd like an answer from someone that really knows if it results. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME, Explosiv

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    use the same chemical on the whole case to even out the colour.

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    lol that doesn't work I tried that it didnt anything dunno why i'm asking for something that will remove the marks not something that will make it the same colour.

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    Put a sticker over it?

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    Your big mistake was using cleaning chemicals on the case. They have physically altered the color of the plastic... Actually, since the case is a matte finish, the chemicals have probably altered the gloss level or texture of the finish, making it look a different color. There is much more than likely nothing you can do about the discoloration. You'll either have to get a new case, paint it, skin it or live with it. Personally, I'd skin it. Then again, I would have never used a household cleaner on it.

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